IL-14: Chicago Sun-Times Candidates Questionnaires Published *Update: Chicago Tribune Interviewed all 7 candidates today*

Three hours away from the start of the debate at 6:45PM CST at McHenry County College, Luecht Auditorium

Need some reading material while waiting for the start of the debate?

The Chicago Sun-Times has begun publishing 14th congressional district candidates’ questionnaires responses. Of the seven candidates, four were published this morning and are accessible via the links below:

As of 1:30PM CST, the questionnaires of Anthony Catella, Catalina Lauf and Sue Rezin had not yet been posted.

OBSERVATION: Jerry Evans’ questionnaire stands out from the three Baby Boomers’ questionnaires because of its uniqueness of the responses. Generational perspective of the Millennial Evans does produce different outlooks on the issues and on general questions.

Evans is 36, born in late 1983 in Cleveland.

For example, the Sun-Times asked the candidates:

What historical figure from Illinois, other than Abraham Lincoln (because everybody’s big on Abe), do you most admire or draw inspiration from? Please explain.

Sun-Times Questionnaire question

Gradel, Marter and Oberweis all said Ronald Reagan.

Evans said Wheaton College founder Jeremy Blanchard and explains why he stands out to him.

Subtle differences found with other questions.

UPDATE: Chicago Tribune editorial board interviewed all candidates this morning.

It’s confirmed.

The Chicago Tribune interviewed all seven candidates today.

The first real debate took place behind closed doors this morning.

First public debate a little over three hours away.

If any video of the editorial board interview is released, it will be posted.


IL-14: Chicago Sun-Times Candidates Questionnaires Published *Update: Chicago Tribune Interviewed all 7 candidates today* — 7 Comments

  1. I read the answers of all of them.

    What happened to the rest of the candidates’ responses?

    Did they submit?

    If so, why’d the Sun Times withhold?

    I go w/ Marter.

    He’s not a RINO and the only one to pledge to join the Freedom Caucus.

  2. Old ‘honest Abe’ is the Great Charlatan! And the Sun-Times asks them what Illinoisan they most admire excluding Lincoln because everybody would name him! Really?

    Here’s a few reasons why Lincoln was a real monster:

    The first military draft and the first income tax in the nation’s history. Lincoln’s son Robert received the nation’s first student deferment from a military draft as he remained enrolled at Harvard while the rich people who put Lincoln in office like Andrew Carnegie were rewarded by allowing them to buy their way out of the draft. Carnegie paid another man $850 to take his place after being drafted. The poor were guaranteed social ostracism if they didn’t volunteer and were shot if they deserted or ignored the draft. If Lincoln’s income tax wasn’t paid, property was seized, auctioned and a stiff penalty added.

    LIncoln violated his oath of office and suspended the Constitution. Lincoln planned to arrest the chief justice of the Supreme Court and gave his friend and U. S. Marshal appointee Ward Lamon the discretion over when to execute the warrant. The effort was short-circuited when Congress eventually informed Lincoln that if and when habeas corpus were ever to be suspended, that action would be under its purview not his. He ignored that Congressional directive but dropped the effort to arrest Chief Justice Taney. Lincoln suspended the Constitution he was sworn to uphold and made himself a dictator. He totally eliminated free speech and press, eliminated due process even though civilian courts were still operating, and eliminated the public’s protection from him (habeas corpus). He discarded the 2nd amendment by confiscating guns from legitimate state militias in states which had voted to remain in the Union (Missouri and Maryland). He eliminated the 10th amendment by arresting entire legislatures which had voted to remain in the Union, basing such incredible actions on the hunch that they might change their minds. Maryland’s was arrested and Missouri’s chased into exile and replaced by sycophants. He unconstitutionally created two states (West Virginia and Nevada) to increase his electoral college total in a close re-election bid.

    Lincoln invaded another country in what was NOT a Civil War. The Confederacy was not a rag-tag guerrilla operation nor a military dictatorship. It was an organized nation that followed Constitutional procedures in seceding from the Union just as the New England states had done to varying degrees five times throughout the years. In the South, state conventions were held and the public chose to leave the Union. This was no military coup led by a dictator. Jefferson Davis was elected in a democratic process. A Congress was also elected and foreign diplomats were sent abroad who secured “belligerent nation” status from England. The Confederacy was not seeking to take over Washington or invade the North and it offered to compensate the government for forts within its territory and to pay its share of the national debt. It was a war for independence from oppressive taxes that dwarfed King George III’s, and then it became a war to repel the invasion of the North, a war begun by Lincoln without consulting Congress.

    850,000 dead and millions maimed. In the September, 2012 issue of America’s Civil War, Harold Holzer writes that the Civil War death toll is probably 20% higher than the traditionally accepted 620,000 according to a “demographic historian” from the State University of New York at Binghamton. Dr. J. David Hacker counts the number of 20 to 30-year olds in the 1860 census and the 1870 census, subtracts the difference and concludes the death toll could have been as high as 850,000. If soldiers didn’t die quickly enough, they weren’t counted in the official death toll. This blood is on Lincoln’s hands because if his war was about slavery, every other Western country save Brazil had already abolished it peacefully, and if it was about secession Washington, Jefferson, Madison, John Adams and John Quincy Adams among other presidents thought it was legal. Several legal teams assembled after the war to summarily try and hang Jefferson Davis also believed it was legal because they rejected their assignments for fear secession would be upheld in court. Reluctant New York would never have joined the Revolution if it had suspected that secession would be forever precluded. Secession has never made it to court and President Johnson pardoned Davis. No Confederate was ever convicted of treason, and it wasn’t because the will for vengeance wasn’t there. It was because fear was there of treason trials legitimizing secession. Ironically, the U. S. has supported every secession movement in the world during its lifetime—except its own. If Lincoln’s war was about empire building and leveraging wealthy industrialists’ fortunes as Charles Dickens believed, then the end (the country we enjoy today) was not justified by the bloodthirsty means which produced the most prolific arms merchant in world history and the nation responsible for developing and using the first weapon capable of annihilating the human race.

  3. A big “THANK YOU” goes out to the press for shining a BIG LIGHT ON McHENRY COUNTY!

    Lauren Underwood, can lose this election, but only if the people get to the polls.


  4. Rock’nRye, the four candidates’ questionnaires in the article were the only four candidates the Sun-Times released on their website by mid-afternoon.

    As soon as Anthony Catella, Catalina Lauf and Sue Rezin responses are published on the web site, will link them, too.

  5. Wow Hull.

    I bet if the Confederacy had won, it would never have gotten into WWI and WWII, or the Spanish American crazy war that saddled us with Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

    The Soviet Union’s commissars would be a government in exile in NYC and Eastern Europe and China would be spared from Communism.

    Makes one think.

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