IL-14: Debate Day Live Stream with Catalina Lauf *UPDATE: Kash Jackson Endorses Lauf*

Catalina Lauf

Patriots in Tune on live with special guest Lauf in an interactive YouTube broadcast Today at 10AM – Noon CST

Saw this on Twitter last night, and not exactly sure what it is, but appears to be an audio-only live stream broadcast of a podcast called Patriots in Tune.

Given today is the big 1st debate at McHenry County College this evening, maybe Catalina Lauf’s interview will provide a peek at her debate strategy tonight(?).

Or given the people who broadcast this show are strong supporters of President Trump, maybe it’ll be a comment on the first day/night of the Senate impeachment trial, and Lauf providing her perspective.

Looks like interactive questions from chat are taken, so be logged into your Google account and watch/listen live at 10AM Central time this morning.

Link to YouTube podcast:

UPDATE: Kash Jackson, 2018 Libertarian candidate for governor, endorses Catalina Lauf

Last night, Kash Jackson tweeted the following video announcing his endorsement of Catalina Lauf:

According to Mr. Jackson, Lauf’s editorial board interview with the Chicago Tribune is today. McHenry County Blog will include video if the Tribune releases it.


IL-14: Debate Day Live Stream with Catalina Lauf *UPDATE: Kash Jackson Endorses Lauf* — 2 Comments

  1. Kash Jackson, the open-borders, heroin legalization, LGBTQ advocate libertarian?

    Who’s the next Lauf endorser? Fat Pritzker? Jimmy Edgar? Marianangel?

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