IL-14: Jerry Evans Radio Interview

Jerry Evans

The millennial man of God with life experiences/blessings including business ownership, marriage and fatherhood opens up on The Michael Koolidge Show

Congressional candidate Jerry Evans of Warrenville was interviewed by Michael Koolidge on January 14.

Koolidge will be interviewing multiple congressional candidates between now and the primary on March 17.

The 15-minute segment includes information about Evans that was not available to the public, including in addition to shared generation with Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, both were born in the Cleveland area.

The audio-only interview is below:

Evans, along with the other primary candidates will be debating tonight at McHenry County College at 6:45PM CST.

On Monday, Evans announced the platform he’s running on for the primary campaign, with position papers forthcoming.


IL-14: Jerry Evans Radio Interview — 5 Comments

  1. Why can’e Evans move back to Cleveland and take Underwood with him?

  2. Evans sounded great at the debate tonight.

    He surprised a lot of people.

  3. Jerry was the surprise candidate out of the box in the forum last night. Keep an eye on this guy he shows promise for an excellent future.

    Great job Mr. Evans and God Bless you!

  4. Jerry, join the not ready for prime time act with Underwood.

  5. How can you say Lauren isn’t ready for primetime when she won a majority of votes in a crowded primary and then beat an incumbent congressman who had been there for four terms in a Trump district? She’s also been fairly active in promoting legislation, many freshmen are not. Not being ready for primetime means there is some inadequacy with the player(s), it doesn’t just refer to something you don’t like. Jerry’s performance at the debate indicated to many in the audience that he IS ready for primetime. Were you even at the debate, Grendel’s Ma?

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