Gary Rabine Hosts Fundraiser for U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curran — 12 Comments

  1. He may be an acceptable candidate if you agree with Democrats a lot, or if you’re a pro-life voter who doesn’t care about anything else and who can’t find any other pro-life Republicans, or if you really respect Patrick Kenneally’s opinion.

    I think it’s wild how this guy is a mess on illegal immigration but he gets a pass from Republicans because he’s pro-life.

    I know the metro area is full of RINOs, but I was surprised to see Prim and Napier listed on this.

  2. Our illustrious leader has changed party affiliation multiple times, so why should Curran be demonized for doing the same thing?

  3. M, that came up about a million times during the 2016 primary.

    The issue of Hillary Clinton being a Republican in 1964 was a big issue for leftists in 2016 too.

    Curran is in the primary right now so it’s fair to bring these things up and let Curran defend himself like Trump did.

    Yes, Trump had some nonconventional answers for a GOP primary, but there were still a lot of issues where he did find common ground with Republicans.

    Other than pro-life, why does Curran consider himself a Republican now?

    Voters should consider it a duty to figure out where a candidate stands on issues.

    I know that Curran stuck his neck out for Rauner’s sanctuary bill, I know he’s been an elected Democratic official (unlike Trump), I know he left because of the issue of life, but everybody should be curious how Curran thinks about other issues. He is obviously liberal on the issue of illegal immigration (unlike Trump).

    Curran doesn’t have an “issues” or “positions” section on his website so good luck with that.

    Even the guy whose first language is Polish has an issues section on his website!

    If somebody knows of a Senate debate, please post details.

    The endorsements of Curran remind me of some of the endorsements of Oberweis:

    it feels like they’re being done because people think he’s the best politician, not because they align with him the most.

    Sometimes people sacrifice a little bit of their ideology for electability.

    The worst thing that can happen is to run someone you don’t agree with AND they lose anyway.

    Does anybody think ANY of these candidates can unseat Durbin?

    The senate and congressional race are different so the calculation should be different.

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