Judge Justen Hansen Plans Cary Pizza Fundraiser Feb. 26th

From the campaign of Judge Justen Hansen:

Please join us on Wednesday, February 26th for Pizza & Pints in Support of Judge Hansen at Galati’s Hideaway in Cary! Starting at 5:30 pm, we’ll enjoy fantastic pizza and beer so we hope you will be there. This event will highlight the final sprint of our primary election campaign – it’s hard to believe that election day is nearly 50 days away!

During the last few months, Judge Hansen has deeply enjoyed traveling throughout our community talking to neighbors about his extensive experience as a Judge and attorney. Our event will be the perfect opportunity for Judge Hansen to update everyone on the campaign and encourage people to early vote (you can request a vote by mail application here)!

As you know Judge Hansen always puts integrity first, not politics. This is an important event to attend because we need to make sure our campaign has the funding available so that we can share our message and Judge Hansen’s story with the voters. You can join us by purchasing your tickets and sponsorship here. Every sponsorship will allow us to reach even more voters within our community.

We look forward to seeing you on February 26th for Pizza & Pints in Support of Judge Hansen at Galati’s in Cary starting at 5:30 pm!


Judge Justen Hansen Plans Cary Pizza Fundraiser Feb. 26th — 13 Comments

  1. Too bad the GOP can only come up with second raters to run against democrat haters and couch taters.

  2. You have no idea what you are talking about, which is why you lob generalities rather than facts from behind the safe screen of anonymity. He is a good judge: smart, not afraid to listen and learn, treats people well and with dignity. The “GOP” did not pick him. He was selected by Justice Thomas of the Illinois Supreme Court, who under the system we have, has sole unfettered discretion to fill a vacant circuit judge seat. If you look at the political position of a Supreme Court judge under our state constitution and in the reality of our system in practice, you’ll see they mostly don’t have to answer to anyone.

    Or, you can go back to tossing out generic comments you hope are clever.

  3. Martin, Thomas is actually up for retention in November. While nothing will likely happen, at least there is some semblance of accountability.

  4. Yes, they run for retention, as do appellate and circuit judges.

    You are right hinting that nothing will come of it.

    Finding a case of nonretention is like looking for unicorns.

    Before someone else asks, the reason 3 circuit judges are running for election here, rather than retention, is that all 3 were appointed to finish terms of retiring judges.

    When that happens, the seat is vacant at the next election, though the appointed incumbent has the obvious advantage of running as a sitting judge.

    Once elected, a circuit judge then only runs for retention in future election cycles.

  5. So, they are all part of a corrupt system approved by crook Cowlin.

  6. Judge Cowlin has zero control or input into the selection of circuit judges. Now state your evidence that the system is corrupt or Judge Cowlin is crooked.

    Otherwise, you’re just calling people names.

  7. When I was teaching State & Local Government at Rockford College I spotted unicorn signs.

    Elected to the Circuit Court as a Republican from Boone County, Babb ran as a Democrat for the Appellat Court.

    I think the sign the Boone County GOP (or someone) put up on Kishwaukee Valley Road read “Dump Babb.”

    In any event when Babb ran for retention to the Circuit Court, he did not succeed.

  8. Martin is probably some Kenneally minion or Cowlin himself.

  9. Don’t get distracted again.

    The first comment called Judge Hansen “second rate.”

    I challenged that, and they flounced off.

    Then someone hijacked the thread to call Judge Cowlin a “crook” and the system (whatever they meant by that) “corrupt.”

    I challenged them to come up with evidence to back up either claim.

    Off they flounced.

    Now here you are, coming up with more baseless nonsense.

    I’m actually the illegitimate son of George Soros and Nancy Reagan.

    Now explain how that matters to any of the accusations above against either judge or “the system.”

    Both Judge Cowlin and Judge Hansen are fine men.

    Cite me facts to prove otherwise.

  10. Martin you are dead wrong and you know it.

    Thomasmay officially ‘appoint,’ but Cowlin as Chief Judge of the Circuit selects.

    And Cowlin is certainly not a ‘fine’ man, although Hansen might be.

  11. No.

    Do not tell me what I know.

    You are some anonymous nobody slinging nonsense.

    When and how did Judge Cowlin obtain power to order a justice of the Illinois Supreme Court to do anything at all?

    How do you think the recent circuit judge appointments have fit whatever agenda you believe is in place?

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