Kane County Treasurer Dave Rickert Seeking to Replace Chris Lauzen as Board Chairman

Although both filed in the Republican Primary Election for Kane County Board Chairman, incumbent Chris Lauzen announced his retirement, endorsing County Treasurer Dave Rickert for the GOP nomination.

Here is Rickert’s announcement press release:

David J. Rickert, Candidate for Kane County Board Chairman

Dave grew up in Carpentersville and is a graduate of Dundee-Crown High School.

Dave Rickert

He served both in the Army and Army Reserve.

As a beneficiary of the G.I. bill, he was able to afford the expense of going to college.

He has the following college degrees: A.S. from Elgin Community College, B.S. in Finance from Northern Illinois University and a M.S. in Accounting from Roosevelt University.

Dave is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. 

After serving over twenty years as Kane County Treasurer, Dave Rickert is now running for Kane County Board Chairman.

On January 15th, current Chairman Chris Lauzen pulled out of the race and endorsed Dave.

Dave Rickert will be the Republican nominee for this position and will face Democratic opposition in November.

Kane County serves a population of 535,000 people has 1,300 employees and an annual budget of $265,000,000.

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Rickert has scheduled a March 5th Gilberts fundraiser, the details of which are below:


Kane County Treasurer Dave Rickert Seeking to Replace Chris Lauzen as Board Chairman — 6 Comments

  1. The picture of Mr. Rickert is over 10 years old. Not sure if he has the mustache now.

    Assuming Mr. Rickert wins in November as he’ll be favored to do, he will become the 5th county board chairman of the Kane County Board to be elected by popular vote.

    He’ll also be the 2nd consecutive county board chairman to have not served on the county board prior to becoming its chairman. But unlike Chris Lauzen, Rickert has been the county treasurer for the past 21 years, so he’s no stranger to county government.

    And of all of the popularly elected county board chairmen in Kane County, he’ll be the first one from the “north-end” of the county having grown up in Carpentersville and living his adult life and raising his family in Elgin.

  2. Lets give Mr. Rickert a present.

    I met him at Dundee township last week, and he is obviously to busy.. but anyone care to work with me on a state-of-the art communication infrastructure for the Kane GOP?

    I do all the work, and for now I bear all costs – but I need voters to approve it and promote it to the GOP.

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