Skillicorn Town Hall Conflicted with League of Women Voters Forum

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s letter read at League of Women Voters Forum

Crystal Lake, IL – The League of Women Voters hosted a candidates’ forum in Crystal Lake and due to a scheduling conflict, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) was unable to attend, but he did have a statement read at the event and he is making that statement publicly available to anyone who also was not able to attend.

Following is Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s statement:

Dear League of Women Voters,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the candidate’s forum you are hosting on Jan. 23rd. The work you do to give voters access to the candidates running for office is a commendable and valuable contribution to the democratic process.

Regrettably, I have been preparing for weeks now for a Town Hall I am hosting which unfortunately fell on the same night as your forum. Please accept my humble apologies for not being able to attend.

This election is an important one both nationally and at the state level. Nationally, our economy is growing, and jobs are being created thanks to the leadership of President Donald J. Trump. It is vitally important that we re-elect the President.

And here locally, it is also important to elect strong, conservative leaders who will stand up for the commonsense reforms Illinois desperately needs.

Last year, Illinois lost 50,000 people. Illinois residents are fleeing to low tax states like Indiana, Tennessee and Texas.

Major newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune have written extensively about Illinois’ population loss and the link between the outmigration and our state’s high taxes.

Now more than ever we need legislators who will stand up against higher taxes and stand up for taxpayers.

I have a proven track record when it comes to standing up against tax increases.

Before the Legislature convened in Springfield for the Spring Session last year, I held a press conference to protest a potential gas tax increase.

There were a lot of sneers from the insiders who said there was no way that the Legislature would increase the tax on motor fuel.

These insiders were wrong.

Dead wrong.

The gas tax was doubled and now we have the third highest motor fuel taxes in the country.

We need real reform and our Legislature desperately needs real reformers who are not afraid to take a stand.

The race for State Representative in the 66th District boils down to a simple proposition.

If you believe

  • big government,
  • high taxes and
  • out of control spending

are what is going to get Illinois back on track – don’t vote for me.

But if you want

  • smaller government,
  • lower taxes,
  • reduced spending and real reform

– then I am your candidate.

I invite everyone to check out my website at if they have any questions.

Additionally, the McHenry County Republicans are hosting a debate on Feb. 5th at the Crystal Lake Republican Headquarters and the Kane County Young Republicans are hosting a debate on Feb. 27th at the Elgin Township Building.

Check my Facebook Page Allen Skillicorn for IL for additional details.

Thank you again for your kind invitation. Again, I am truly sorry I cannot make it.


Skillicorn Town Hall Conflicted with League of Women Voters Forum — 12 Comments

  1. Stand with Allen Skillicorn.

    Skillicorn, is a true corruption fighter and a reformer!

  2. Hmmm, let me see.

    big government,
    high taxes and
    out of control spending

    We get that from Springfield while you are the state representative, so what is the different?

    And Skillicorn has never delivered

    smaller government,
    lower taxes,
    reduced spending and real reform

    during his term in office.

    What was the outcome of the Legislative Inspector General on the ethics complaint filed back on January 14?

  3. John Lopez, your arguments are ridiculous. Skillicorn, is not the only one that votes on those issues. He does fight for the people. And, he is fighting to bring down the Madigan Empire, while exposing corruption. Clearly, he is not the only one responsible for making that happen.

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