Estimated Cost of Bob Miller’s Local 150 Contract for the Algonquin Township Road District

From Illinois Leaks, republished with permission:

Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller’s gift to the taxpayers to be forever remembered -$1,797,232.00 and beyond


McHenry Co. (ECWd)-

Bob Miller defending township government at a McHenry County Township Consolidation Task Force meeting.

The former Algonquin Township Road District Highway Commissioner, Bob Miller, signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) just weeks before leaving office after losing his re-election efforts. 

The signing of that agreement eludes his memory though as his position on the subject is he knows of no records relating to that agreement. 

We covered that memory loss in this article.

While many have focused their anger on the legal bills the current highway commissioner has incurred in relation to the termination of three employees on his first day in the office, and the subsequent legal battles of fighting a union contract, there are some valid reasons related to those expenses that need some explanations. 

However, before we get into those issues in Part II and Part III of this series, we will start from the beginning of the CBA and its impact on the taxpayers.

  • Employees will pay NO MORE than 10% of the cost for Health Insurance that must be provided by the Road District.  Taxpayers pick up the rest.
  • Employees pay NOTHING for Life Insurance that the Road District is required to provide. Taxpayers pick up that entire tab.
  • Cost of living increases by 1.5% every year for the first 4 years, 2% for the 5th year of the CBA.
  • Employees shall receive a $.25 cent per hour wage increase, per quarter on January 1, March 1, June 1, and September 1 until their wage reaches the highest rate of pay, $33.00 an hour.

For those that missed it, per quarter normally means just that, but not the case with the Bob Miller CBA. 

Rather than actually increasing wages every quarter, the contract outlines it increases on January 1, then again two months later on March 1, then again three months later, and again three months later.

One would have normally expected the elected official would have caught the increases happening sooner than each quarter, which is yet another increased burden on the taxpayers for years to come.

  • Nonunion current payroll for Road District workers was approximately $440,064.00.
  • Post-CBA payroll for Road District workers jumps to approximately $799,510.40 and will climb even higher based on the above-mandated increases every quarter and every year.
  • Cost of a union contract to the taxpayers based on current figures – $359.446.40 per year.

Run that $359.446.40 per year number out 5 years and the taxpayers have been provided a burden of over $1,797,232.00 Million dollars above what they would have had to pay without the CBA signed by Bob Miller as his parting gift after losing an election.

As if $1.797 Million dollars is not bad enough, it will be even higher when the applicable raises get included.

While we understand legal bills were substantial, few understand the real reason as to why Andrew Gasser took the steps he took. 

While it is easy to look back and judge his actions now that the results are known, key points have never been shared which provide what many will consider worthy reasoning, and yes, others will disagree.

But for now, the taxpayers can thank Bob Miller for what will become a multi-million dollar taxpayer burden they would have never had if it weren’t for the Union Contract.

Even if the legal bills on this matter were to exceed a million dollars, its a drop in the bucket compared to what the taxpayers will have to pay just in wage-related increases and pension benefits because of Miller’s actions.

We say Miller’s actions purposely. 

While we understand the employees can take the steps to unionize, we believe if there would have been proper collective bargaining that took place under the new administration it would have ensured to some degree a better deal for the taxpayers.

As it stands, Miller owns this one and please don’t forget, those new burdens on the taxpayers are tied to that lifetime pension benefit. 

That being the case, once again the taxpayers carry the freight as long as these people are working and or drawing a pension.

No matter what side of the ongoing Road District issues people lean towards, we can assure you Part II and Part III are going to put a lot of things in perspective and finally provide some answers as to why certain actions were taken by the current Road District Highway Commissioner.

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Estimated Cost of Bob Miller’s Local 150 Contract for the Algonquin Township Road District — 18 Comments

  1. The fact that a lame duck can sign a binding contract is ridiculous; the fact that so many of his family members benefit from that contract is a slap in the face to every taxpayer.

  2. For the first time in history, I completely agree with Joey K. Miller should be jailed not coddled.

    Once the President of the Township Officials of Illinois, a corrupt lobbying group, he wouldn’t resign when he lost the primary and was lame ducked.

    The TOI had to threaten him with a special board mtg to remove him from office after the Trubune article highlighting his corruption got printed.

  3. How do you know about the threat of a TOI Bd meeting?

    Are you a township official, current or retired?

  4. This P.O.S. did this to screw with the taxpayers and to make his successor look bad!

    How does this Miller clan even look people in the eyes?

    And our local rag the NWHerald is also a P.O.S. rag that is complicit.

    Makes you wonder what THEY were getting when he was in office.

    Any elected official that rags on current Highway guy, Andrew Gasser and doesn’t say a word about this P.O.S. is a P.O.S. themselves!

  5. Don’t forget Prim and Kenneally endorsed Miller.

    Joe K is right on!

    So is Fair Pay and Trumpion.

  6. Cal, because Miller tried to rally local township officials to support his claim he was entitled to serve out his term as TOI president and that being a sitting township official was irrelevant. He used as an example some dude in the 90s who resigned as a Township Supervisor somewhere, but stayed in for another 4 months as TOI Prexy until the next TOI election.

    I assume Bobby Dearest just wanted the office for his vanity, or perhaps the post’s expense account, or maybe a platform to attack Gasser …. laying the propaganda groundwork for his comeback, which the douche is indeed planning.

    TOI was probably more worried about the Tribune’s bad optics expose of the whole rotten Miller Township Dynasty, which a TOI official dubbed “Dead Duck -Lame Duck Dynasty.

    A nasty dynasty indeed.

  7. Fake ‘Trump 2020’ Bob Miller and wifey are indeed collecting pensions.

    Big fat ones!

  8. Bob Miller is a POS and his wife was even worse, but this does not excuse the lunacy that is Gasser and the idiocy with which he has performed as our road commissioner.

    Yes Bob stuck us with the union contract but it was Gasser who fired the employees with out due process and cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars for his political payback BS.

    It was Gasser who started most of the infighting which has led to numerous lawsuits and legal fees chasing his ghos

    Of course Kirk and the boys will defend Gasser he led them to the FOIA payday they received which Gasser was only to glad to pay.

    The entire algonquin township is a circus with Gasser the ringmaster and Kirk and the boys doing the promotion.

    We as taxpayers are the ones still footing the bill.

    “No matter what side of the ongoing Road District issues people lean towards, we can assure you Part II and Part III are going to put a lot of things in perspective and finally provide some answers as to why certain actions were taken by the current Road District Highway Commissioner.”

    Is this supposed to make us feel better about being F@#$ed.

    I am not interested anymore in why.

    I am interested in what happens going forward.

    Unfortunately most of that money is gone never to be recouped.

    Spending more money to chase the bad is not prudent.

    We already cannot recoup what has been spent chasing it.

    Kenneally will do nothing.

    It is time to do away with this fiasco.

    We need control of the township back and this start with the election of the road commissioner.

    Eliminate it and let it be controlled by the board who can vet, hire and terminate at will.

    No more one man rule.

    Also another note, why in the hell is Kelly still the township attorney?

  9. “Nonunion current payroll for Road District workers was approximately $440,064.00.”

    That is the amount of the present staff total wages before OT, most of the replacement staff are young and inexperienced, the quality of their work reflects the change in personnel and lack of leadership.
    “$799,510.40” where did that come from I’m not to sure.

    To get that number in 2017 all the employees would of had to of been topped out at $33/hr, which would not be the case, less than half were even close to topping out., 2016-2017 Employee wages.

    2017-2018 budget shows the 2016-2017 actual wages were 581,720.23, which had most of the future unions employees total

    Like usual the Dog’s have given bogus BS again to make Gasser look better.

  10. MsTrumpion is lying, Miller resigned from TOI almost right away.

    Call him up Cal, he’ll talk to ya on this issue.

  11. My bad I forgot to add that to get to the amount $799,510.40 in 2017, not only would all the union guys need to be topped out, which wouldn’t be the case, they each would have to have worked somewhere around 226.5 hours of OT that year.

  12. Miller lost the election but all of his stooges got in.

    Victor, Shea, Chapman, and Lukasik all played political games while Gasser attempted to disinfect the office.

    We now know Robin Mohr is a former paid employee with Miller.

    I am glad Miller is gone.

    This is just one example of how Illinois is going bankrupt.

  13. Nob needs to learn to read.

    The numbers came from the Road District and they are based on current payroll.

    They are not my numbers.

    No one said the union payroll referenced was for 2017 so once again, Nob, Robin Mohr spreads more misinformation.

  14. “Run that $359.446.40 per year number out 5 years and the taxpayers have been provided a burden of over $1,797,232.00 Million dollars above what they would have had to pay without the CBA signed by Bob Miller as his parting gift after losing an election.”

    By making that claim you’d have to ignore the known 2017 pay rates, total pay, for the union employees which is also on the Road Dist website.

    So what you are saying is Gasser gave you those numbers and you didn’t cross check them for accuracy.

    Thx for the justification friend.

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