IL 14 – Rezin Mails 20-Page Introduction Piece

Never seen anything like the 20-page mailing from State Senator Sue Rezin that was just delivered in the 14th congressional district.

Jim Obeweis made an introductory mailing and Rezin’s attacks it and him as if she thought the race for the GOP nomination was a two-way contest.

Maybe it is, but since no one has released a recent poll, there’s no way to know.

One of my goals for McHenry County Blog has always to let candidates and public officials speak for themselves, rather than have to go through the filter of a newspaper.

In a very real way, that was how communication worked when I first ran for office in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

There was so much newspaper advertising that when one sent in a press release, the odds were good that it would be printed in the all but one weekly newspapers covering McHenry County. (Only the Woodstock Sentinel published more than once a week. It was five days, I think.)

In any event, the mailing sent out by Rezin follows:

A mailing from Jim Oberweis also arrived recently (concurrently in some households.)


IL 14 – Rezin Mails 20-Page Introduction Piece — 34 Comments

  1. Rezin has the chops to win the primary and general.

    Like Cal, I’ve never seen anything so substantive, and its refreshing because it’s deeply informative.

    A lot different than bland platitudes.

    I think the Oberweis political ice cream is starting to melt, especially the flavor Dulce de Loss.

  2. This is a very substantive mailer.

    More substance than Oberweis’ mailer and everyone knows Jim Marter is a man of NO substance.

    A lot of good stuff that I didn’t know about Sue Rezin.

    Very impressive.

    I’d have to say Rezin looks like the one that could take out Underwood in a General Election match up.

  3. This is the only impressive campaign mailer I have ever received.

    She earned our votes.

  4. Well done. Good way to connect with all voters.

    Sue Rezin is the only one who can beat Lauren Underwood.

    The old white dudes may have money,but they will turn off female voters and young voters.

    The other woman is a not yetter.

    Too much into herself.

  5. She mostly attacks Oberweis, but she also attacks James Marter on page 16 for losing four elections.

  6. What the hell is resinous Rezin mean ‘not resistence’???

  7. Terminator: “not resistence” is a play on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez..the infamous AOC, and Congresswomen Tlaib, Omar and Pressley leading the side that Underwood is on by calling themselves “The Resistance” to Trump.

    They are in the majority in the House and are focused on bringing down the President.

  8. Too long, too detailed and what you do if you have lots of money and zero name recognition in the district.

  9. A really nice peice of work if you’re looking to wrap dead fish in something this will work fine.

    Wake up boys and girls she’s as phony as they come and she voted to double your gasoline tax what part of it doesn’t work anymore you can’t fool us Sue don’t you understand.

  10. She’s talking about the #resist movement — Democrats like Lauren Underwood who resist Trump.

  11. Her leftist, yet still republican-ish answers have me saying no way to Rezin.

    A Democrat already holds the 14th seat, we don’t need to elect a RINO.

  12. Wow—covers all the bases including Oberweis (multiple loser) and Underwood (More liberal than AOC)…very impressive.

    Time for some TV commercials.

    btw, she looks thinner in person, in a good way, than some of the photos.

    Outstanding Content.

    Thanks Mr Skinner for publishing these.

  13. I do plan to write a full article on the Rezin mailer soon and there is terrific feedback here which will contribute to that article.

    Must be pointed out that while the content of the mailer stands on its own, an effective campaign mailer citing McHenry County Blog twice may be, God willing, showing the fruit of Cal’s hard work over the past nearly 14 1/2 years of the blog’s lifetime.

    Ms. Lombardo, you said:

    “The old white dudes may have money, but they will turn off female voters and young voters.

    “The other woman is a not yetter.

    Jim Oberweis at 73, James Marter at 57 and Ted Gradel at 55, are presumably the candidates referred to by that reference.

    Clearly, Catalina Lauf is the “other woman…not yetter”.

    Are you placing Jerry Evans into the category of a “not yetter” (and obviously he is no woman)?

    At 36, he’s not old but a Millennial, though he definitely has been blessed with positive life experiences (husband of 5 years, father of 18 month old son, successful small business owner and most importantly, a man of faith not afraid to say it openly) and the consensus is he had a breakout debate performance this past week.

  14. Really?

    I also got a mailing from Oberweis on the same day.

    Rezin’s is like the Willis Tower next to a mud hut.

  15. This is not so much an attack on Jim Oberweis and James Marter as it is merely pointing out how many elections they have lost already.

    That is beyond fair and it’s mild on Rezin’s part.

    As the old saying goes: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.”

    Expecting Jim Oberweis to finally win on his 7th try defies common sense.

    Sue Rezin did the Republican Party a big favor by preventing us from glossing over Jim’s record of losing elections.

    His viability is nil.

  16. Sue Rezin left her opponents in the dust.

    It’s clear she has what it takes to defeat Lauren Underwood.

  17. Attacking Oberweis and Marter?

    Since when are election results an attack?

    They’ve lost all their big races for higher office.

  18. I knew Oberweis lost a lot of elections before, but I had forgotten he 6 times already.

    No way is a seventh try going to work for him, or us.

  19. “old white dudes may have money, but they will turn off female voters and young voters.”

    The way Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden seem to be doing? :):):)

  20. LOL – no one is going to read this thing.

    What a colossal waste of money.

  21. You will note the emphasis on older folks.

    They still have time to read.

    And, they vote in higher proportions than younger folks.

  22. Thanks for your shallow analysis Alabama, when’s Underwood coming out? Yes it does matter Alabama.

    Rezin is a complete RINO, Don’t fall for her slick swill. You’ll be sorry. She’s another Pam Althoff. Although she may well be smarter and trickier than Althoff.

    I’m not saying she can’t beat filthy Underwear. Even Evans or Gradel could.

    I’ve studied them all and Marter is the one who’ll get my vote as of now.

  23. People probably won’t read it all, but if they read part of it or skim it, like people said, she covers all her bases and there is a lot of substance here.

    She makes a good case for herself.

    Oberweis’s recent one was only 8 pages, but it’s a lot of fluff like “give these pictures a like on facebook.”

    I think it was probably a good use of money since a lot of people don’t know who she is and her debate performance was not terrific.

    What else should she be spending her money on?

    he needs to get voters to know her and there isn’t much time left.

    Her “burn rate” of campaign cash had been much less than Oberweis, so we figured she would do something big with her cash on hand.

    I do wonder how much money this cost in total.

    20 pages, not on cheap newsprint, and targeting a congressional district!

  24. Contrary to @Alabama’s prognostication, as an IL14 voter I read it and found it impressive.

    It is refreshingly light on rhetoric and focuses on her positions.

    Before this, I knew little about who she is and hadn’t even considered her.

    It’s a shame that moderate Republicans get accused by trolls in her own party as being RINO.

    Her views represent a large majority of people, those of us with busy careers and kids and lives that don’t allow us time to attenuate the inane positions small sects in both parties take.

    If you’re going to trash talk a candidate, use facts, not childish statements.

    She’s earned my vote and my vocal support.

  25. Sue Resin is far and away the most qualified candidate.

    She will crush the fake”nurse”.

    The other female candidate is an inexperienced, self-centered little wench who has never had a real job and has a little or no life experience..

    She is her father’s hand puppet.

    He is the real candidate.

  26. Rezin is a fraud… she ought to be running against Underweirdo all right, but in the Democrat Primary!

  27. I stand by comments. The research shows that very few people will read this.

    It’s a huge wasts of money, just as Oberweis’s newsletters/mailers are.

    I couldn’t find a mail vendor who knows what they’re doing that would think this is a good idea and a good use of money.

  28. Resin will be the only person who actually read this thing all the way through.

    Her own husband sh+tcanned the puff piece after getting halfway through p. 3.

  29. What do you mean by her father’s hand puppet?


    She worked in the Trump Administration you don’t just get those jobs out of having “little or no life experience”

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