Illinois 66th District: Allen Skillicorn Communication with LWV Not Received On Time

Allen Skillicorn

At this point on Saturday night on the 25th, it is unclear why there is a discrepancy with the League of Women Voters (LWV) of McHenry County not receiving and reading Skillicorn statement concerning his scheduling conflict

“What we have here, is; failure to communicate!”

From the movie Cool Hand Luke

The iconic quote, first said by actor Strother Martin’s character in the classic 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, is relevant to the Friday article where State Representative Allen Skillicorn said a statement would be read at the forum explaining his absence.

The video posted on Republican primary opponent’s Carolyn Schofield’s Facebook page says otherwise. Queue it to the 2:08 mark, and unmute the sound icon to hear it (sound quality poor, but enough to hear what the moderator said):

Our first candidate forum and since my opponent didn’t show, per policy I only got 2 minutes to make a statement. How rude to not even respond. Is this how the people of D66 deserve to be represented?

Posted by Carolyn Schofield for IL State Representative District 66 on Thursday, January 23, 2020

This quote from LWV of McHenry County is clear:

“Mr. Skillicorn chose not to communicate either through email, written communication or through text.”

LWV of McHenry County moderator, 1/23/20

Did Skillicorn send his communication electronically and it was not received?

Or did Skillicorn send his communication too late, to be read at the forum?

As with anything else that is written on McHenry County Blog, it is with the lens of the truth and full context. Something went wrong from the article published on the 24th and what actually happened at McHenry County College on the night of the 23rd as shown in the video recorded at MCC.

In light of some developments since the initial publication of this article, here are some additional facts for 66th district voters to know, with additions since initial publication in bold print:

  • No one at McHenry County Blog is working in collusion with Skillicorn’s primary opponent against his renomination. We are aware of what he is/was saying on his campaign Facebook page, but Skillicorn is mistaken.
  • Skillicorn has been requested to send the email he sent to McHenry County Blog in order to help determine if the communication issue is his, the LWV of McHenry County, or a complete technical issue
  • McHenry County Blog published an article announcing Skillicorn’s “Four Town Halls in Four Weeks” on January 14 from a Skillicorn press release, sent on Monday, January 10.
    • Nos. 1, 3, & 4 are scheduled for Saturdays
    • No. 2 is scheduled for Thursday setting up the conflict with LWV Forum
  • McHenry County Blog received a press release from LWV of McHenry County on Saturday, dated January 18, article published Monday, January 20
  • The LWV of McHenry County posted on their Facebook page on January 10 of the candidates’ forum for January 23
  • While at this point, it is unknown when the candidates were notified of the January 23 forum, it had to have been on or before the 10th
  • It is unknown when Skillicorn reserved Algonquin Village Hall for his one non-Saturday town hall meeting
  • For disclosure, Carolyn Schofield is the publicity chair of the LWV of McHenry County
  • In Skillicorn’s communication that for some unknown reason did not reach LWV of McHenry County in time to be read at Thursday’s forum and published on the 24th, he confirmed two additional candidates’ forums he would attend:
    • February 5th at McHenry County Republican Party hosted forum at the Crystal Lake Headquarters
    • February 27th hosted by the Kane County Young Republicans at the Elgin Township building in southern Elgin near Elgin Community College
  • Skillicorn’s communication posted on the blog on the 24th, makes no mention of his participation at the candidates’ forum being hosted by the LWV of Elgin Area Rutland-Dundee Committee for 6:30PM at the Rakow Senior Center in Carpentersville on February 4th
    • In addition to the 66th district, congressional Republicans for the 6th district and Democrats for the 22nd legislative district state senate candidates will participate
    • This forum is scheduled on the same night as President Trump’s delivery of the State of the Union to the joint session of Congress. 6th congressional district candidate Jeanne Ives has scheduled a watch party for the President that evening, which will eliminate the congressional candidates’ forum with her absence
    • Given the conflict with the State of the Union, there is a chance this forum may be rescheduled
    • Carolyn Schofield, to our knowledge, is not a member of the Elgin Area Rutland-Dundee Committee of LWV hosting the event
    • Unlike LWV of McHenry County rule which prohibited Schofield’s full participation at the January 23rd forum, Skillicorn missing February 4th will NOT prevent Schofield’s full participation in Carpentersville

COMMENTARY: It’s 2020, beginning of the 3rd decade of the 21st century, and there were easily 5 days between the press release from LWV McHenry County and the 23rd of January.

Skillicorn uses all forms of electronic communication including social media which makes this communication issue strange.

Currently, Skillicorn is under investigation by the Legislative Inspector General concerning events of June 1st.

The Ethics Complaint relating to June 1st is still being investigated by the Legislative Inspector General, but Skillicorn told POLITICO last week there was proof he was in Springfield on the 1st.

Mr. Skillicorn would do well to cooperate and tell the whole truth concerning June 1st, and assist McHenry County Blog with determining the whole truth about January 23rd per emails sent to him privately.

Posting an accusation I am working with his opponent, Ms. Schofield does nothing to resolve the confusion of what happened on the 23rd and why Skillicorn’s statement was not read and LWV claiming it was not received.

When the Ethics complaint was filed on January 14, I voluntarily defended Skillicorn, and expected him to do the right thing, as a Christian, concerning the questions of June 1st.

I still hold out the hope he will do just that concerning the Ethics complaint, and will cooperate with McHenry County Blog to determine what happened concerning the 23rd of January.

If LWV of McHenry County was in error with what was said at the MCC candidates’ forum on Thursday, it is expected LWV of McHenry County will do the right thing and help clear up the apparent confusion.


Illinois 66th District: Allen Skillicorn Communication with LWV Not Received On Time — 11 Comments

  1. You can trust the’League of wanton vipers’ about as far as you can throw them.

  2. MsTrumpion, and Allen Skillicorn is the bright light beacon of truth, or he likes to portray himself like that.

    If what you say about LWV is true, what better way to shine the light of truth than to attend their forums.

    Let’s see if he’ll attend February 4th in Carpentersville.

  3. Since voting in the U.S. is not limited to just the gender of women, why is there a group named specifically for “women” voters? Is that not an anachronism in the year 2020? What is that group doing to promote diversity within their ranks by encouraging men to join? Most all entities in the U.S., such as corporations, promote diversity. What is the breakdown of percent of women and men in that league? Do they strive for men membership? What percent of their leadership is men? Have they considered being more inclusive and show the public the same by changing their name to such as league of voters, or league of women and men voters? Also, since teen-agers aged 18 can vote, what is being done to encourage teen membership?

  4. Mr. Lopez, LoWV has zero credibility with me.

    They manipulate.

    hey propagandize.

    They cheat to advance libtard candidates.

    They spike audience questions they don’t like.

    In short, they went from non-partisan to extremely biased in 2 generations.

    High toxicity.

    A goood example of cultural Marxism marching through American institutions ala Gramsci, the communist theoretician.

    So I will not waste my time with LoWV, and I disobey your juvenile command.

    I will not support LoWV in any way.

    Like Trump, Skillicorn and even you John Lopez, people have their flaws.

    I never said Skillicorn is perfection.

    But Schofield is terrible and a typical Illinois RINO.

    She is antithetical to every Illinois family and taxpayer.

    She employs gutter, obscene language on a regular basis.

    I have heard her.

    That’s a good insight into her dark soul.

  5. Another question for this league. Do they encourage diversity of political thought within their organizations? Are they “Fair and Balanced”? Do they strive for and have proof that there are equal numbers of REGISTERED Democrats and REGISTERED Republicans in all of their branches throughout the U.S.? If not, why not? If political balance is way out of whack, IE significantly more Democrats than Republicans, what are their ongoing plans and strategy to get membership in balance?

    Conversely, if they are biased one way or another politically in their various branches, are they content with the status quo?

  6. It seems to me the League of Women VOTERS should really be in the vanguard of fighting for the integrity of elections and voting, yet there’s not a peep out of them over the latest scandal of hundreds of illegal registered as voters.

    In actuality, it’s tens of thousands of illegals voting.

    And the League is in league with the aliens and the democrat party.

    To hell with the League!

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