IL-14: Jim Oberweis on the Issues in the Past Four Months

Jim Oberweis

From October 2 through now, is Oberweis ready for the election based on issues outlined in new video and last week’s debate?

Early Sunday morning, a YouTube video released on Friday from the Veterans Helping Veterans Talk Show that was recorded back on October 2 and is a nearly 30 minute in-depth interview with State Senator and 14th district Republican candidate Jim Oberweis, was found and watched.

On this video, Oberweis prioritizes his platform as three-fold:

  • Economic policy
  • Immigration
  • Healthcare including prescription drug pricing

On the latter two topics, the host asks Oberweis a lot of questions. An additional guest, whom the audience learns is an immigration attorney, asks Oberweis questions, too, especially on immigration.

Given it’s Sunday and the Sunday talk shows will likely be dominated by reviewing the first week of the Senate impeachment trial, perhaps watching this video of Oberweis on issues back in early October, and comparing it to the recent congressional debate this past week, and see if Oberweis is better prepared now in late January to compete with Congresswoman Lauren Underwood in the fall, if he wins the Republican primary.

The video is nearly 30 minutes long, and hearing Oberweis’ answers about the 2020 congressional elections, and nearly four months, 2 newspaper mailers from the Oberweis campaign, one TV commercial and what was seen at last week’s debate, in the past four months, has Oberweis grown into a better candidate on the issues?

The link to the debate article, with video of the debate, is below:


IL-14: Jim Oberweis on the Issues in the Past Four Months — 10 Comments

  1. Jim is ready on the issues.

    Jim knows the 14th congressional district and Jim represents our values better than Underwood.

  2. Mr. Wheeler, thank you for your comment.

    Later today, a follow-up article, referencing components of Senator Oberweis’ interview here will definitely invite your comment, and everyone else.

  3. The best reaction Oberwies and most Pols can expect from me, is a lack of vomiting at the very mention of their name.

  4. @Trexler

    -600 dollar payment from Oberweis in July to Charles Wheeler for “campaign work”
    -600 dollar payment from Oberweis in August to Charles Wheeler for “campaign work”
    -712.37 dollar payment from Oberweis in September to Charles Wheeler for “staff”

    Wheeler’s total from Oberweis: $ 1,912.37

    The McHenry County Republican Central Committee received 1,000 dollars from Oberweis in July as a federally acceptable donation, a 750 dollar federally acceptable event sponsorship from Oberweis in August, a 500 dollar federally acceptable donation from Oberweis in October, and a 500 dollar sponsorship from Oberweis in November.

    McHenry County Republican Central Committee’s total from Oberweis: $ 2,750

    Source: Federal Election Commission

  5. Correcting, an additional note on McHenry County Republican Central Committee (MCRCC), the Oberweis campaign opened its McHenry County branch campaign office by subleasing space at the MCRCC Crystal Lake HQ.

    Cal covered the opening of the Crystal Lake office in late June.

    While Oberweis’ main HQ is in St. Charles, there would be rental payment(s) to MCRCC, or the management company of the Crystal Lake location.

    A note on Mr. Wheeler, he was not paid during the 4th quarter, according to FEC 4th quarter filing.

  6. My follow-up to this article has been delayed, given a lot of Oberweis material is being published, and other articles and research have taken priority.

    The follow-up should be up by Wednesday at latest.

  7. Wow, Mr. Big Wheels comes rather cheap.

    Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the overweight oberweis campaign. They just try and buy everybody off.

    Pathetic and disturbing, but hey that’s what RINOs are.


  8. I’m not buyin’ what the Great and Powerful O. Is sellin’.

    In the 1880s he’d be selling elixir.

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