IL 14: Oberweis Sends Second Newsletter, 8 Pages Long

From the campaign of State Senator Jim Oberweis:

The bottom page is the one people will see when they look art their mail. It is where the address is.


IL 14: Oberweis Sends Second Newsletter, 8 Pages Long — 18 Comments

  1. Got all the way to page 2, then started to daydream of a tornado blowing a 2-by-4 through my torso.

  2. High school guys of many years ago would read 8-pagers (not from any teacher).

  3. Is the moo guy for real?

    He trots Manzullo out…..just like Rezin did with the pathetic RINO DeWitte.

    If you’re gonna stoop to endorsers, at least make them good ones.

    At least neither debased themself even worse with a Steve Reick or Pam Althoff endorsement. I wonder if Reick would have charged a drink or two.

  4. Don’t know what or where is the proper place to aks? What happened to the guy or gal who comments about clock movements and cats? Hope he/she is ok.

  5. .Thank you for your interest in submitting information to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).

    The OCE is an independent, non-partisan entity charged with reviewing allegations of misconduct against Members, officers, and staff of the United States House of Representatives.

    The charge: knowingly cohabitating with a confessed abuser of congressional interns, and intentionally concealing that information from the office of congressional ethics! Obstruction of Congress!
    Click here to make your submission:

  6. I feel bad for Jim.

    He is never satisfied with where he is at and cannot win against Lauren Underwood.

    Don’t vote for him.

    He will lose.

  7. This is truly baffling to me.

    I don’t understand what GOP mail vendors are doing.

    Collosal waste of money from both Rezin and Oberweis.

  8. I did something similar, although less elaborate, when I ran for State Representative in 1992 after being out of office for eight years.

  9. I stopped eating at oberweis ice cream when their amazing shakes started costing $7

  10. Going from Rezin’s literature to Oberweis’s literature was like going from a futuristic cyberpunk city to a favela that just got ravaged by an earthquake, tsnunami, and riots.

  11. Heidi, thanks for the order, but are the bona fide successor of the late Jean Dixon?

    Can you also foresee what the good stocks are?

  12. The emojis and text symbols made me mad.

    Does The Great and Powerful O. think I’m a clueless adolescent?

  13. @Correcting, I have to agree.

    The difference between the two mailings was remarkable, even sad if not embarrassing.

    You basically have to go to the bottom half of the last page to get a simple glimpse of O’s positions.

    He doesn’t stand a chance against Underwood.

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