IL-14: Jerry Evans Releases Healthcare/Prescription Drug Prices Policy Statement

Jerry Evans

From the Jerry Evans for Congress campaign:

Jerry Evans Announces Healthcare Plan

WARRENVILLE, Ill. — Jerry Evans, candidate for the 14th Congressional District, announced his plan to fix the healthcare system. Evans plan is an expansion of his Top Five for Illinois District 14, in which he identified healthcare as a top issue for the 2020 election.  

Evans released the following statement: 

“As someone who has overcome past health related issues, including parasites and lyme disease, I understand that Americans need quality healthcare that provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. Under the current system healthcare is too costly, has a lack of accessibility, and is burdened with red tape.

“The goal of my healthcare plan is to lower costs and ensure that all Americans have coverage that meets their individual needs. Red tape from the Affordable Care Act and a lack of transparency in the market are a leading cause of skyrocketing healthcare costs, which is why I’m making healthcare a top priority. The measures I’ve outlined will increase competition in the market and lower healthcare costs for millions of Americans who are struggling to afford the coverage they need.”

Jerry Evans, 1/27/20

Additional statement by the Jerry Evans Campaign: 

“Once again Jerry Evans is prioritizing transparency with voters in the 14th District. Evans has listened to the voters and is delivering on his pledge to address the most important issues. Healthcare must be addressed in 2020 and Jerry Evans is taking a conservative stand for lower healthcare costs.” 

Jerry Evans campaign spokesperson, 1/27/20

Jerry Evans – Plan to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions:  I have a deep level of passion for anyone who suffers from a pre-existing condition. We must protect the weak and defenseless. Any healthcare bill that I would support will absolutely include coverage for all pre-existing conditions, including but not exclusive to conditions such as pregnancy, cancer, COPD, asthma, and diabetes. 
  • Lower Prescription Drug Costs:  Under the current system, prescription drugs are so costly that many Americans are unable to afford the daily care needed to survive. In 2018 President Trump outlined a blueprint to lower drug costs. His plan, American Patients First, creates pricing transparency, renegotiates costs with manufacturers, and ensures that pharmacies inform patients when paying out-of-pocket is the most cost effective option. Unlike the Democratic H.R. 3, we must pass legislation similar to the Republican H.R.19, which ensured transparency reporting from pharmacy benefit managers (PBM’s) and mandated that PBM’s are properly monitored. We must complete American Patients First, which has stalled under the current Democratic Congress, and utilize the guidelines to reduce prescription costs set forth by the Problem Solvers Caucus. 
  • Open the Market by Cutting Red Tape:  Medicare for all and similar programs proposed by leftist politicians are government centered healthcare. We do not need government centered healthcare, we need patient centered healthcare. Patient centered healthcare begins with opening the market by allowing competition across all state lines to drive down health care premiums and by allowing patients to dictate the coverage they need.
  • Freedom to Choose Healthcare:  Under the current system, health care costs are too high because the ACA mandates that Americans purchase unnecessary coverage that does not fit their needs. Americans need the ability to choose what healthcare coverage is best on an individual basis.
  • Increase Support for HSA Programs:  We must increase HSA limits. Pre-tax HSA’s allow Americans to save for when they are in need. Under the 2020 limits, Americans are unable to contribute the amount needed for a one night hospital visit into their HSA. A visit to the hospital shouldn’t financially ruin any American and we have the responsibility to reward those who want to save. 
  • Update the FDA Approval Process:  Under the current system new pharmaceuticals and new health care practices take between 10 to 15 years from the time of initial discovery to becoming FDA approved. This means that if a life saving pharmaceutical were to be discovered today it would take at least until 2030 to begin saving lives. The FDA approval process is extremely outdated and must be updated to fit modern times.

McHenry County Blog note: Jerry Evans reference the House Problem Solvers Caucus in his plank for Lower Prescription Drug Costs was outlined in this November article on the blog, linked for reference.


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