IL-14: Lauren Underwood’s New Finance Director Rose Wallace Introduces Herself

Rose Wallace
Lauren Underwood

Wallace to oversee the raising of millions of dollars for 2020 general election

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has hired Rose Wallace to be her finance director for her 2020 reelection campaign.

Wallace was previously working for Senator Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign until it suspended its operation in early December.

Wallace introduced herself in social media with the following 3-part tweet transcribed below for easier reading:

“To those of you wondering where I shipped all my worldly possessions — I’m excited to announce that I’m moving to Chicagoland next week to be the Finance Director for Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s re-election campaign!

“ICYMI: Lauren flipped the IL 14th district in 2018 and is already delivering results on issues like gun control, reproductive rights and healthcare costs drawing upon her lived experience as a nurse and health policy expert.

“While its sad to leave California after nearly 4 years here, I’m siked time to take the Midwest by storm, eat lots of deep dish, and make sure whatever Dem President is elected (God willing) in 2020 has a majority in the House.”

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s new Finance Director Rose Wallace via Twitter 1/29/20

Wallace, who turned 26 earlier this month, is relocating from the Bay Area of northern California to the Midwest which she hopes to take “by storm”.

At last week’s congressional debate, Republican candidate State Senator Sue Rezin pointed out the general election for this congressional seat will likely be a $15 million race, given control of the House of Representatives is at stake with its outcome.

Ms. Wallace will be the one overseeing the Underwood portion of the $15 million in her high-level role as finance director.

Area reaction from former Republican candidate Matt Quigley via Twitter:

McHenry County Blog can just say, welcome to the Midwest Ms. Wallace.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood’s New Finance Director Rose Wallace Introduces Herself — 8 Comments

  1. Just Sayin saying or perhaps reminding all of us about the most racist Democrat politician, a Governor, ever in the U.S., George Wallace. A staunch Democrat. One who wanted to deny African Americans to be students in a university in his state. THAT is the heritage of the Democrat Party.

    Also, a good time to remind Americans that the Republican President Abraham Lincoln wanted to free the slaves and was continually obstructed by Democrat politicians in the U.S. House and Senate. Another heritage of the Democrat Party.

  2. Black pupils. Is she possessed? Does she like boys? Here FB page has been cleansed. What gives?

  3. MsTrumpion, noticed her Twitter is now locked, she’s blocked me for no reason, & deleted the tweet of hers Matt Quigley sent. He took screenshots of her initial tweets before locking out her account.

    This west coast lady may not work for Underwood if she did what she did to perfectly friendly welcome tweets, and an article, written from her own tweets.

    We’ll see if she is a good hire for Underwood. Can’t really say anything of her youth, as she’s 8 months younger than Catalina Lauf.

    Like you said, “What gives?”

  4. What amount of dollars might be brought in from the international thug George who had visited the Obama whitehouse many times? This guy George, convicted in Europe of manipulation of funds, has been a big contributor/supporter of Democrat candidates.

    Honest and naive Americans, sheephile, have been exposed to the propaganda from supporters of both the Clinton and Obama regimes for many years.

  5. My belief:

    The Soros people , through one of their many newly created fronts, directed Underweird to take her, they said they’d pay for her, and if she wanted money for her campaign, she’d better like it, which she said she did.

  6. That crazy chick is a ME TOO libtard who has way too many cats and pythons in her apartment.

    She also wears too much make up, and has a lot of piercings.

  7. No wonder the Kamala campaign flopped so bad.

    You can’t just go hiring any schlub you find at the local mall’s Hot Topic and expect to run a successful presidential campaign with that.

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