Why Do the Democrats Want to Run Their Judicial Candidate Against Mary McClellan?

Fox River Grove Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Cindy Pitz filed objections against the petitions of 3rd subcircuit Republican candidates Justin Hansen (appointed Circuit Court Judge) and Donald Brewer, former Algonquin Village Board President and Republican County Board member.

Represented by attorney Ed Muller, the Democrat argued Brewer and Hansen had not used the correct title of the judicial office being sought.

The argument against both candidate’s petitions was the same.

The responses were similar as well.

Brewer’s argument:

Hansen’s reply through attorney David Pardys:

The McHenry County Electoral Board, consisting of County Clerk Joe Tirio, State’s Attorney designee Norm Vinton and Circuit Clerk designee Robin Shetley found the following in Brewer’s case:

The decision in the Hansen appeal.

Now, the Democrats are seeking judicial review of the administrative decision, requesting (in this case, Hansen’s, but the same in Brewer’s)

…the Court review and reverse the Electoral Board’s Findings and Order and grant her Objector’s Petition. This Petition for Judicial Review is based on the same factual and legal grounds set forth in Objector’s Petition…attached hereto as Exhibit 1 and incorporated herein.

WHEREFORE, Petitioner requests an expedited hearing on this matter and a ruling that the Candidate Justin Hansen not appear on the ballot for the March 17, 2020 primary election as a candidate for the position of Judge of the Circuit Court of the 22nd Judicial Circuit of the State of Illinois because his nominating papers fail to comply with 10 ILCS 5/7-10.

Hansen replies to the Pitz administrative review by pointing out that he was served notice at the courthouse, not at his home, and the person who signed for the mail was not authorized to do so. Therefore, appropriate service to him as a candidate, rather than as a judge, was not made.

Additionally, no reason was set forth in the filing telling why the Electoeal Board’s decision should be overruled.

A similar petition has been filed by Pitz against Brewer, but no court date has been set.

Associate Judge Phillip Montgomery will hear the case February 11th in courtroom 357 at 1:30 pm.

The question in this article’s title still stands.

Why Do the Democrats Want to Run Their Judicial Candidate Against Mary McClellan?


Why Do the Democrats Want to Run Their Judicial Candidate Against Mary McClellan? — 12 Comments

  1. The swamp continues to engulf unwilling victims.

    Let’s hope justice prevails and his ballot position is restored.

  2. It is not lost.

    At this point, only the Judge can remove him from the ballot

  3. The Dems want McClellan on the ballot because they know that a large percentage of Republicans think that she is really bad news and would not vote for her under any circumstances.

  4. McClellan is a democrat any way, just ask “The Ja kal” Franks.

  5. Answer to headline Question:

    Because if it’s a McClellan v. democrat, they win either way!

  6. Anyone who has seen McClellan in court would want to run against her.

    Her lack of knowledge over the law is embarrassing, the baggy pants suits she wears look like they came of a 1950s resale shop, and then, of course, there is her record: lying, threatening, hiding evidence, fined $35,000 for lying to federal judges.

    She and her moronic husband should be tarred and feathered and escorted to the county line.

  7. Because the republican voters would crossover knowing that typhoid Mary is total incompetent.

    Oops will I end up in court over this?

  8. Cal,

    the Democrats, if successful in knocking off Hansen and Brewer, will simply have it’s candidate withdraw.


    However, it’s unlikely they will succeed.

    McClellan’s problems have just begun.

    It would be a bit ironic if Brewer stayed on the ballot and Hansen was knocked off.

  9. 1. It’s not a given that Mary will win.

    2. Even if Mary does win the primary, it doesn’t mean Democrats can’t do better.

    By the way, there’s a pathetic letter in the newspaper today complaining about how other judge candidates aren’t sticking up for Mary against anonymous comments on Cal Skinner’s blog.

    I hope these people running for judge aren’t as big of crybabies as their supporters are.

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