Jack Franks Being Investigated by State Police for Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Stalking & Aggravated Battery and Official Misconduct in State Capitol, Denies Wrongdoing

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From Tina Sfondeles’ article as summarized by Capitol Fax:

Illinois State Police executed a search warrant Wednesday at Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s Capitol offices as they investigate allegations of wrongdoing, including sexual misconduct and stalking, against Jack Franks, a former state representative who now serves as McHenry County Board chairman. […]

The search warrant — obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times via a Freedom of Information Act request — says Illinois State Police justified the search because “probable cause exists for the crimes of

  • criminal sexual abuse,
  • criminal sexual assault,
  • official misconduct,
  • stalking and aggravated battery.”

Police requested personnel, human resources or other files “containing information related to allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by former Illinois State Representative Jack D. Franks.”

Timeline from Hannah Meisal.

It also asked for “reports or complaints related to sexual misconduct, harassment, stalking or other misconduct by Franks.” […]

The speaker’s office on Friday said a complaint was first received about alleged sexual harassment involving an employee of the speaker’s office and a former state representative on Nov. 19, 2018. Madigan and his chief of staff were notified, and an investigation began. […] [Franks was McHenry County Board Chairman starting in December, 2016.]

In February 2019, the speaker’s office determined the harassment allegations were “credible,” and the speaker asked Illinois Secretary of State Police to ban Franks from entering the Capitol without an escort, the speaker’s office said.

A month later, the speaker’s office said they received even more information about the allegations, which increased in severity, and based on that, the office called various law enforcement agencies to report “possible criminal conduct.”

In addition, Madigan is quoted in the article like this:

“I remain committed to working to protect the victim and will see this matter to its conclusion in order to ensure the victim’s safety.”

The State Police requested “names and contact information of all prior legislative assistants assigned to Franks,” the story adds.

In various stories, Franks denies any wrongdoing.


Jack Franks Being Investigated by State Police for Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Stalking & Aggravated Battery and Official Misconduct in State Capitol, Denies Wrongdoing — 17 Comments

  1. Sure hope the people from the Illinois State Police are also investigating some of the guys from the Local 150.

  2. Father Jack…out with him, and pursue the charges.

    The filthy Ed Burke scum.

    Oberweis is right on this one..but resignation is going to be the least of this chumps worries.

    Prison time please.

    Blago got 14 and got no money and threatened, or stalked no one.

    Thank you too, Mary Ann Ahern. S

    he knows a scoundrel when she sees one, just like she said, “The Bishop knew”…

  3. Hannah Miesel destroyed Jack Franks and Allan Skillicorn both and in like a two week time frame lol

    She’s my hero.

  4. Wasn’t Friday the 31st the deadline for the lawyer for the Illinois Integrity Fund to turn over all the information that she had about who was behind it?

    I haven’t heard anything more about that case.

    Maybe Jack got some more bad news.

  5. Perhaps he may have to change his last name to “Awlf”.

  6. If he is convicted of something, is it possible he loses his pension benefits?

    Inquiring minds need to know

  7. If convicted of a felony concerning job duties, a public official loses the pension.

  8. The ARDC may come into the picture at some point.


    ARDC, Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission, investigates and prosecutes misconduct complaints and maintains registration and discipline

  9. Speaking of the ARDC, one leading wit here wrote that the Obamas has been disbarred.

    Do a search on them at the link above.

    He is retired, her license is inactive.

    Neither has ever been the subject of discipline.

    By comparison, look up Blago and you’ll see what they say about a disbarred lawyer.

  10. Jack franks left Springpatch for a decades’ worth of naughty, naughty things he did.

    But wait, isn’t he the sweet fellow who outed the shirtless Provenzano, then a Hultgren aide, in a parked SUV on a dead end street with a teen high school boy procured through Grindr?

    Oh yeah, it was.

    Very interesting!

    Yes, Virginia there is a kind of Karma for people who through stones while they reside in a house of glass!

  11. Martin,, quit fronting for the Obamas.

    They voluntarily gave up their licenses to AVOID ARDC inquiries on complaints and ARDC investigations.

    Once you go ‘inactive’ and have no license, their jurisdiction over you ceases!

  12. Frank, you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

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