IL-14: Another Ted Gradel Football-Themed Video

Ted Gradel

As a tribute to the just-played Super Bowl, Gradel shows footage of Bears’ infamous playoff loss from last year due to kicking game

This morning, 14th congressional district candidate Ted Gradel released another football-themed video, which included footage of the Chicago Bears’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs last year.

Appropriately titled “Doube-Doink”, Gradel uses the metaphor to bring up two issues in his campaign for Congress:

QUESTION: Has anybody seen any of these Gradel videos shown as a TV commercial, either cable or broadcast?

We’re into February, and any internal polling evidence I’ve been able to obtain shows this race with Jim Oberweis as the frontrunner, Sue Rezin as the only candidate in striking distance of the frontrunner, and Gradel is the only candidate who can make it into contention with his significant cash on hand at the end of last year.

Just over 40 days until the primary election day, and early voting starts on Thursday, so Gradel, as has been said elsewhere, needs to start spending money effectively to make up the difference among voters between him, Oberweis and Rezin.

Please, in comments, rate this ad, and tell us if any of Gradel’s videos have been seen anywhere in a purchased ad-buy.


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