Did Madigan Throw Franks under the Bus?

From The Center Square:

Sangamon County State’s Attorney says Madigan’s office ignored nondisclosure order in search warrant in Franks case

FILE - IL Speaker Michael Madigan 4-23-18
Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan speaks at a press conference on Monday, April 23, 2018.Image courtesy of BlueRoomStream

The Sangamon County State’s Attorney said House Speaker Michael Madigan ignored a nondisclosure order contained in the search warrant served on Madigan’s office last week seeking information related to sexual harassment allegations involving a former state lawmaker. 

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, The Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday that the Speaker’s Springfield office was served a search warrant by Illinois State Police on Jan. 29 for information regarding sexual harassment and stalking allegations against former state Rep. Jack Franks.

Franks served at the statehouse up to 2016 and is now the McHenry County Board chairman.

He denies any wrongdoing.

Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright on Monday requested the case be under seal moving forward.

“[T]he Search Warrant Complaint, Affidavit and related Return materials in this case should be filed under seal following return to the Court,” the filing in Sangamon County Court said.

“Public disclosure could jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation and compromise the rights of any suspects and victims.”

In the filing, Wright said the warrant “contained an explicit order that the ‘issuance and execution of this Search Warrant shall not (in bold) be disclosed and that any such disclosure could impede the investigation being conducted and thereby interfere with enforcement of the law.’ ”

“The January 29 Order of nondisclosure was entered to preserve the integrity of an ongoing criminal investigation conducted by the Illinois State Police … and to protect the rights of any suspects and victims,” the filing said.

“ISP Investigators state that they repeatedly instructed recipients of the Search Warrant that the January 29 Order prohibited disclosure,” Wright said in the filing.

“Nevertheless, the recipients of the Search Warrant disclosed the Search Warrant on January 31, 2020, in response to a Freedom of Information Act … request received on that same date.”

“Despite the plain language of the Court’s January 29 Order, the recipients disclosed the Search Warrant although they were not otherwise required to make such disclosure,” the filing said.

“Immediate public access is not presumed until after return is made to the Court and filed with the Circuit Clerk.”

In a statement published online, Madigan’s office said it first received a complaint in November 2018.

After receiving additional information in February 2019 Madigan’s office found the allegations credible and forwarded the information to various authorities, including the Sangamon County State’s Attorney, Illinois State Police and the Illinois Legislative Inspector General.

In an earlier statement, Madigan’s office said it had sought to keep the information confidential.

“Because the State Police search warrant was not filed under seal, the nature of the allegations and the name of the accused are now publicly available.

“The Office of the Speaker has therefore decided to release the information that can be made public surrounding the complaint,” the statement from Madigan’s office said.

“The confidentiality of the complainant involved in this matter has been and continues to be of paramount importance.

“The Office’s response and actions related to this complaint were made, to the extent possible, in consultation with the complainant and consistent with the complainant’s wishes.

“In this instance, the alleged victim has requested confidentiality, and the Office will continue to be committed to respecting the complainant’s request for privacy.”


Did Madigan Throw Franks under the Bus? — 11 Comments

  1. Our own Anthony Weiner is Jack Franks who thought he was always the smartest guy in the room.

    Daddy Franks bailed him out many times. But the warnings weren’t heeded.

    Daddy hosted an Obama event in the County after Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, announced his candidacy.

    But Daddy Franks and Jackalope then dropped him like a hot potato when the Witch Hillary came and Jackalope became a witch-delegate at the Demo Nat’l convention.

    Obama remembered that and put the kobosch on ANY Franks dream of becoming yet another jewish federal judge.

  2. Does he have 30k emails on his computer??

    McHenry county, if you’re listening…..

  3. Don’t worry that Franks will file for unemployment.

    He can always get a job as a Jesse White Tumbler.

  4. Poor Jack, he can become a wrangler at that Old West attraction in Union, IL.

    A wrangler of jackalopes.

    Or he could raise chinchillas on his solar farm.

    Don’t cry for him too much, he’s worth 25 million.

    But those Chinese stocks, Jack, they have gone down some.

  5. I do not think Jack will be skipping and passing out Candy, at His Parade of Justice Served.

    But, He Does Have The Right To Remain Silent.

  6. The Jack Franks story, is going to be the best movie at a Theatre near you!

  7. Where is the popcorn… pull up the barka lounger… gonna be a long winded one..

    Blago gonna have lots of friends joining him … soon…

  8. That’s what my hairdresser emailed me now that I use the term all the time!

  9. Another Corrupt politician gonna be in helping the others make some license plates. Maybe if we get enough of them in prison it will bring the cost of renewing our plates back down.You know how you can tell a politicians is Lying? Their mouth is moving..

  10. License plates in Illinois are produced by the developmentally disabled, not prisoners.

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