Safe to Predict that County Board Member Suzanne Ness, If Elected State Rep., Will Vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker

Throughout his latter years in the Illinois House, State Rep. Jack Franks would dance around whether he would support Mike Madigan for House Speaker.

Of course, he always did.

Now McHenry County has County Board member Suzanne Ness, a hard campaigner, taking tens of thousands of dollars from Madigan sources.

Republican incumbent Allen Skillicorn has noticed and offers this press release:

Rep. Allen Skillicorn Calls Out Opponent For Colluding with House Speaker Michael Madigan

Allen Skillicron

Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) says voters need to be aware that Speaker Michael Madigan is now calling the shots in McHenry County.

Democrat candidate Suzanne Ness raised a grand total of $1,450 last quarter from voters in the 66th District but in the month of January her campaign raked in nearly $47,000 from Speaker Madigan and his cronies.

“Do voters in the 66th District really want a Madigan backed candidate? Do voters really want a candidate whose party leadership covers up rape? Do McHenry and Kane County voters think it’s ok to allow Chicago Deomcrats to represent them in the Illinois House?” Skillicorn asked.

“As more information is coming out about the corruption in Madigan’s inner circle, it is deeply troubling that my Democrat opponent would be so reliant on him to fund her campaign.

“One by one Madigan’s closest allies are coming under federal scrutiny.

“The walls around the Speaker are closing in.

“Voters must not allow Speaker Madigan to pick their Representative.”

More information is being released, but Skillicorn said so far what is known is that Madigan’s:

  • Clerk of the House and close ally, Tim Mapes, was sexually harassing women and was forced to step down;
  • Key floor leader, Rep. Lou Lang, was also accused of sexually harassing woman and had to resign his post;
  • Closest confidant, Mike McClain sent emails about a rape cover up;
  • Madigan’s own State Senator, Martin Sandoval, just pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges;
  • Ally Marty Quinn resigned for sexually harassing women and then received funds from ComEd which is under investigation.

Skillicorn stated, “It’s time for both his Democrat opponent Suzanne Ness and his Republican opponent Carolyn Schofield to disavow Speaker Madigan.”

“The very first vote we take in the Illinois House is the vote for who will serve as Speaker,” Skillicorn said.

“A big reason why we cannot vote on things like property tax relief or ethics reforms – many of which would have bipartisan support – is because Speaker Madigan has complete control over what bills get voted on.

“The voters need to know who is going to stand up to Madigan’s unchecked power and who is not.

“On December 4, 2019 I called for Speaker Madigan’s resignation on WGN TV.

“Will Schofield and Ness stay silent about the culture of corruption in Springfield or will they join me in standing up for reform?

“Voters deserve to know where they stand.”

= = = = =

Suzanne Ness

Ness started out 2020 with $2,274.41 in the bank.

The most interesting part of her fourth quarterly report was an in-kind contribution of $200.15 for staff salaries from the Friends of Mike Madigan.

Since January 1st, she has received the following donations large enough to report:

  • 1-17 $25,000 from Citizens for Gregory Harris, Chicago
  • 1-17 $1,350 from Suzanne Ness (in-kind)
  • 1-21 $21,987.39 from Democratic Majority, Springfield
  • 1-23 $1,250 from Janice Bosman, Woodstock

Rep. Harris is a top lieutenant of Mike Madigan.

Democratic Majority is contolled by Madigan.


Safe to Predict that County Board Member Suzanne Ness, If Elected State Rep., Will Vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker — 11 Comments

  1. Skillcorn is such a little man, the kind of guy whose mother lays out his clothes for him every day.

    Is this as good as we can do, a little man with funky sideburns?

  2. Yeah, why would people vote for some guy with funky sideburns when they could vote for a Madigan stooge?

  3. Skillicorn is right Madigan has been calling the shots in McHenry County.

    In fact, Madigan has been calling the shots in McHenry County for a very long time.

    Jack Franks, is now the “WEAKEST LINK”

  4. Thank you Allen for pointing out the fact that Democrats are the true enablers of bad behavior.

    They walk the walk but then turn their heads when a few dollars are offered.

    All is ok, rape doesn’t matter of women or men as long as they can be funded by the crooked bankrupt party leadership.


  5. At some point, I’m looking for Allen Skillicorn to talk about his accomplishments being a state representative for three years now.

    Raising the bogeyman of Mike Madigan is like telling us the sky is blue.

    We already know this.

    How about touting Skillicorn’s record of accomplishment so voters can judge if Skillicorn deserves renomination, let alone reelection this year.

    And since Skillicorn is backing Jim Oberweis in the 14th congressional district primary, how about pointing to his record of accomplishments in his 7 years as a state senator.

    And yes, votes against tax increases do not count, unless the tax increase did not pass.

    That goes for both Skillicorn and Oberweis.

    Apart from recreational marijuana that Skillicorn supported, I don’t see much of anything Skillicorn has accomplished, so maybe he can set me straight and prove me wrong.

  6. Skillicorn has worked hard and gets the job done. Cannot say the same for Sue Ness.

  7. Mr. Lopez, take a look at Chuck Weaver and inquire from him what’s he done in all his years on the Co. Bd.

    Another, even worse loafer is John Jung of crying onion fame.

    He hasn’t done anything but suck off benefits.

    He extolled Tina Hill.

    But became Franks’ valet and shoe shiner of Peter Austin.

  8. Sara, please, enlighten us all, what specifically do you mean when you say Skillicorn “…gets the job done.”?

    What “job” is that?

    Forget Ness, Schofield or Malone, what has Skillicorn done in his three years as a state representative?

    And I’ve already said, his votes against tax increases do not count.

  9. I would rather have someone like Skillicorn go down there and vote NO on every crappy bill that is brought forward than to cow tow and give into the Democrats that continue to bring Illinois closer to oblivion!

    Yes voting NO does count as an accomplishment!

    I don’t agree with Skillicorn on the marijuana bill but if you vote for Schofield she would give in just like she has on the County Board to Jack Franks!

    She has failed to take a stand so why would she do it in Springfield?

  10. Cal or John, did anybody ever uncover the identity of the person who wrote letters to Ness’s mother?

    The Wizard or whatever.

    Mayor Sager said their identity was uncovered but the police did not release the information to the Northwest Herald.

    It would be interesting to find out the name.

    Be on the look out for slimy things like that to happen again too.

    Ness is bankrolled by Madigan and I wouldn’t put it past some Democrats to pretend to be Republicans and then victimize themselves.

  11. Trusted source checked it out.

    It appears the letters were written by a legit kook and this was not a false flag.

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