Has “Underwood Now” Outlined Jack Franks’ Defense?

Here is a comment from “Underwood Now,” which appeared under the article, “Jack Franks Makes Lake & McHenry County Scanner.”

“FYI, the allegation come from a single person, a disgruntled, lazy hate-inspired person who got terminated for trying to use State resources for personal gain.

“Franks should be applauded, and he will be when the TRUTH comes out.

“That’s why the bogus allegations were not given any credibility by the Speaker’s Office or State IG.

“When the lies have been refuted by summer, I hope profuse apologies are promulgated by this blog and the kook posters.”

For those who have not read the Illinois State Police search warrant, it can be found below:


Has “Underwood Now” Outlined Jack Franks’ Defense? — 16 Comments

  1. Well Folks, I suggest we Invest in Hemp.

    We will need the Rope, all the rope we can get, to give to Jack and his friends.

    You know the old saying, Give Them Enough Rope and . . .

  2. As the DEMOCRATS are so fond of telling us “the accuser MUST be believed”.

    You see folks, what goes around comes around.

    And that’s how KARMA rolls.

  3. LOL… has underwoodnow even read anything related to this story?

    **“That’s why the bogus allegations were not given any credibility by the Speaker’s Office or State IG.**

    Uh, no.

    First, we don’t know if/what the State IG did or didn’t do.

    But we DO know that the allegations were serious enough that the Speaker

    a) banned Franks from the Capitol unless he had an escort (this is almost unheard of), and

    b) reported the allegations and what they found to the state police and/or the states attorney.

    But sure…

    go ahead and claim that the allegations were not given any credibility.

  4. Sounds to me that underwoodnow has stolen any and all of trump’s response to his allegations.

    I see kirk, the thief in daylight, has chimed in to lay the ground work for a robbery.

  5. Well I guess I’ll pack up my catalog of Jack Franks fart jokes and haul them off Indiana Jones-style.

  6. Is the person in question now residing in a hotel?

    IE. Kicked out da house??

  7. Perhaps “Underwood Now” has a real name that rhymes with Jack Franks?

  8. Obviously from an insider, which is confusing.

    Jack is never silent about anything.

    Why does he now have someone speaking on his behalf?

    Why not come out in your own defense?

  9. Cecil, I would imagine Daddy Franks is looking at Damage Control, and has read Jacko his rights, as only a father can do, you have the right to remain silent Jack !

  10. It’s likely the Sangamon County State’s Attorney will take the case to the grand jury.

    Unlike our local States Attorney, I’m betting the Sangamon County State’s Attorney will secure an indictment.

    That said are there Vegas odds on charges?

    Our fake nurse Underwear clearly has not read Capital News on this story.

    They report many more details.

    Poor Jack!

    The NWH cannot place a halo around Jack’s head any longer.

    It has tried to help jack’s damage control but the facts will ultimately become public.

    Ms Underwear doesn’t understand what truth is.

    She voted to impeach a president based on hearsay.

    Underwear must have known her own political ads were flat out misrepresentations.

    So it’s not surprising she makes foolish statements to aid her pal Jacko!

  11. “Underwood Now” sounds more like “I’m Jack Franks using a Sock Puppet”

  12. Agreed Robert Williams, no Moderate anymore.

    Blame the accuser vilify him and make others afraid to surface.

  13. Underweirdo Now, please quit sniffing airplane glue and try refraining to post inanities here.

    Franks is a big fat carp swimmin’ in its side, gulping air.

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