IL-14: Sue Rezin Releases First TV Commercial

Sue Rezin

Rezin for Congress releases first ad which touches upon the main themes of her congressional bid

Late Monday afternoon, State Senator Sue Rezin released her first TV commercial.

The video is below.

Unknown when the TV ad buy for the introductory ad in the 14th congressional district is taking place. The ad, titled “Results. Not Resistance” is the first from her:

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IL-14: Sue Rezin Releases First TV Commercial — 11 Comments

  1. C-

    It doesn’t really tell me anything about her other than she doesn’t like the resistance.

    She needed to get something out though and she needed it out yesterday.

    There’s not much time until the election and Jim-O has a big lead.

    So it passes.

  2. Wow, it’s better than sominex.

    I nodded off almost instantly.

  3. Ok, I get the strategy now.

    “you’ve elected me 5 X in this bankrupt, overtaxed wasteland so send me to D.C.

    I can do more damage there.”

  4. Meh.

    Nothing to suggest what makes her different.

    No mention of the most liberal member in Congress she’s ultimately after.

    Not even a polite mention of the old guy she’s trying to defeat now.

    In fact, it’s a forgettable ad. I cannot remember what she said just a couple of minutes ago, and I’m still a few years from
    the onset of dimentia.
    She knows what needs to be said, so she should say it.

  5. So Sue, tell us about your many accomplishments that have had
    beneficial RESULTS to the taxpayers of Illinois . . . FAIL.

  6. Too brief. She should have provided information on her views, platform

  7. What a waste of $.

    A crappy candidate with a loopy lambkins message.

  8. Lauf is the only formidable candidate with a true message and an ability to lead.

    Everyone else are fizzling hard.

  9. She should be charged with fraud and misrepresentation…..

    she’s about as conservative pansy Pete.

  10. What’s with all the dogs in the lead in?

    Will Evans feature his boas next?

    Don’t do it Evans!

    Lauf might feature her anaconda!

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