Message of the Day – Synchronization

At Crystal Lake’s Indpendence Day Parade, there was a troop of horseriders.

One of the elements was this young women on her horse:

As interesting to me was the synchronization attempt by the folks cleaning up after the horses:

Just looking at the photo has me chuckling.

They were part of the Midwest Renegades Equistrian Drill Team.

It reminds me of when I followed Tuffy, the teen elephant, in a late 1960’s Milk Day Parade with a snow shovel.

That was when I was active, if not President, of the McHenry County Young Republicans.


Message of the Day – Synchronization — 4 Comments

  1. Weren’t those in the second picture directly behind the McHenry County States Attorney who was marching in this parade?

  2. Kenneally makes me ill.

    He is the Janus-faced codfish puker.

  3. What’s a codfish puker?

    I get it about his Janus faced nature, although anus-faced might be more fitting seeing what he’s done about the Miller crime wave.

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