Skillicorn Offers Trump Sign If You’ll Put His Up, Too — 11 Comments

  1. M, you kinda smell.

    Can you please exit the blog and go back to screaming at the TV when it features Trumps rallies.7

  2. Ah yes.

    More insults from the extremists.

    Why post insightful comments and generate thoughtful debate when you can hide behind a screen and hurl thoughtless insults?

  3. Instead of passing out signs why won’t Allen Skillicorn spend his time debating his opponent?

    He makes reckless claims about her yet he won’t he show up to an interview or a debate.

    Who sends out a mailer with a complete list of known lies about another person then is too afraid to even be in the same room with their opponent?

    A coward does that!

    Since Allen will be reading this I wonder if he thinks it is responsible to drive a car without insurance?

    It is the law isn’t it?

    How many times has Allen Skillicorn been ticketed for driving without car insurance?

    Why don’t you answer that one on your closed social media page Allen?!

    The answer is astonishing!

    Multiple times and that is the behavior of a responsible leader!


    Attacking your educated, articulate opponent only makes Allen look like the little man that he is!

    Maybe President Trump can get him a box to stand on!

    Skillicorn thinks hash tagging Trump slogans is all he needs to do as a community leader.

    What voters may not know is how disliked he is by the other elected representatives and how difficult and ignorant he is to work with.

    Let us know when your debate will be Allen and you can enlighten everyone on your intelligence and leadership ideas!

  4. After reading these posts, and reading between the lines, Skillicorn has risen in my estimation.

  5. “To the Right”: Watch it!

    People are issued these revenue generating nothing tickets about ‘no insurance’ merely because they can’t produce a current insurance card fast enough for the traffic cop.

    These charges are routinely dropped when the hapless driver produces the proof.

    How many times has Skillicorn been convicted!!!????

    Citations don’t mean a damn thing to me!

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