IL-14: Jim Oberweis’ Second Commercial

Jim Oberweis

Continuing the momentum that will likely win the nomination, Oberweis’ 2nd commercial titled “Life’s Lessons”

A commenter on McHenry County Blog said they saw a new commercial for 14th district frontrunner Jim Oberweis on Discovery channel, which would make it a cable TV ad buy.

Earlier this afternoon, the commercial was posted on YouTube:

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IL-14: Jim Oberweis’ Second Commercial — 5 Comments

  1. Jim Oberweis’ kids are democrats!

    They donated heavily to Hillary!

    His daughter is a liberal university professor.

    He forgot to tell everyone that … if he can’t even raise his kids right to see common sense how the heck will he get voters to swing his way?

  2. John, with all due respect and I respect you a great deal, this election is a long way from over. Stop trying to rush it. Stop calling it for Oberweis. Just observe and cover what happens.

    Cal’s posts more accurately say Oberweis is leading. That’s different from calling Oberweis the likely winner. Don’t discourage people from voting. Even most primary voters do not live and die for politics and most have just started to tune in. That’s why Oberweis own poll shows about 40% undecided.

    Don’t be dejected at the “inevitability.” Just sit back watch, wait and learn. Let voters make up there own minds without telling them it’s useless because you think nothing can stop a candidate who has lost a lot of races, including primary elections.

  3. I could ask you how a candidate like Marter who only got 30 percent of the vote against Mark Kirk in a primary, when Kirk was hated by his base, is going to swing voters his way?

    Or I could ask you how a candidate with 10 thousand dollars can compete with a candidate who has 1.6 million.

    His oldest daughter is in her 50’s now lol

    It’s funny that you judge the success or failure of parenting by whether the kid grows up and believes the same political opinions as their mommy and daddy.

    You have a warped view of what family means.

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