WTTW: Jack Franks Then and Now

WTTW appearance by Jack Franks on October 18, 2010.

When Jack Franks was State Representative, he often appeared on WTTW.

On February 5th, his Springfield activities came up in a not-so-flattering manner.

Here’s what was said:

The host asked the panel of reporters, “Remind us who Jack Franks is and why he is reportedly under state investigation.”

Amanda Vinicky was first to reply:

“Jack Franks is a Democrat, former member of the Illinois House and he was a very vocal one. He had been before it was cool to dislike former Governor Blagojevich, he was a very strident critic of Blagojevich. He left the House in 2017. Oh, I should mention he also thought of running for Governor.”

She then moves to the top of the State Police search warrant:

“It reveals the Franks was apparently the perpetrator of not just sexual harassment, but some thing physical, something that we don’t really know the details, against a staffer in Springfield Madigan’s office, presumably when Franks was a sitting lawmaker.

Carol Marin was next:

“Well, you know, all of this kind of comes together with the MeToo stuff.

I mean a lot was roiling in the Capitol.

What’s curious about this at the end of 2018 he [Madigan] learns about the Jack Franks thing, investigates it into the months into 2019 and only about four months, three or four months, later does he turn it over to authorities.

“Now there’s a kind of thinking that says you’ve heard someone has been doing serious sexual harassment and/or what else, you call the cops.

“You do it for the Catholic Church–or you’re supposed to; you do it with state lawmakers and so that didn’t seem to happen perhaps as speedily as it ought to have.”


WTTW: Jack Franks Then and Now — 17 Comments

  1. Sorry!

    Politics does not belong on PBS regardless of who is involved

    The other day they even Had Durbin on

    …this is pubic access news and should be defunded

  2. Perhaps if found guilty he can be on the receiving end from some lifers at the BIG House!

    In my opinion, ‘Franks & Beans’ isn’t the only greasy turd in McHenry County and Municipal Governments which a good investigation by outside law enforcement agencies would likely uncover.

  3. Popcorn Please this is gonna get real satisfying… … karma is a real B&^%h

  4. Why is it that Franks enjoys coming and going in our local administration building but needs an escort in the Capitol building.

    Should our county employees have to be placed at risk?

    According to the Warrant there is credible evidence of Criminal Sexual Assault.

    Ladies and Gentlemen that is an allegation of RAPE!

    this is so serious that something must be done to ensure the safety of everyone in county government, men and women alike.

    Can’t someone make sure jack is escorted in the county building?

    How about Acosta, since he didn’t protect AJ maybe he will stand up to jack and protect those in the county’s offices.

    If the allegations are serious enough to warrant that in the House of Representatives and the Capitol building it stands to reason that the same ought to be applied here.

    Will Carolyn S. hold jack to the standard that Madigan is holding him?

    How about the conservative republicans on the board?

    Will Gottemoller demand the same for Jack as Madigan did in Springfield?

    Will Wheeler and others speak up on this very serious point?

    I doubt Acosta and Gottemoller will say boo, So I hope Mr. Wheeler and others will say something and protect those that are around Jack just the same as was done in Springfield.

  5. Why not run it on PBS?
    It is news isn’t it?
    VIP news as a matter of fact.

  6. Committee of the Whole meeting is Thursday morning at 9am.

    Regular board meeting is Tuesday 7pm

    Both at 667 Ware Rd, Woodstock, IL (upper floor)

    I’d suggest you make public comment to the board that they should ask him to stay home until this investigation is over but even if found not guilty, just as it was in the Capital Bldg, he should not be allowed on the premises or conducting county business without a law enforcement escort.

    BUEHLER for COUNTY BOARD CHAIRMAN (he will do the work of Chairman without ‘staff’, saving the county salaries, insurance, pensions!)

  7. **Politics does not belong on PBS regardless of who is involved**

    So PBS shouldn’t be allowed to do any news?


  8. Matteson is right as usual.

    Paul Revere wrong as usual.

    The crazy feud between Franks and Balog started when Balog didn’t obey His Majesty Franks and hand out state jobs to Franks’ now-humiliated wife, boo-boo brother and even Franks’ own sire, aka Daddy Warbucks.

  9. Jose Gomez, you’re absolutely right!

    I can think of a few grown ‘men’ I’d like to see crying very soon.

  10. Holy Smokes!

    Jack Franks’ Dad criticized on this blog by MrGoochie???!!!!

    No wonder all the hack attacks on this blog!

  11. “Can’t someone make sure jack is escorted in the county building?”

    Who’s going to make that call?

    Jack himself?

  12. Pokorny is right.

    If Franks, our own Harvey Weinstein, was a danger in Springfield requiring security escorts, how can he prowl free in McHenry County>

  13. Now, in Bill Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” fashion. . . Jack Franks has demonstrated that he is not only guilty as sin, he is also a bold faced liar.

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