IL-06/IL-14: Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Dr. Jay Kinzler, Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis
Dr. Jay Kinzler

Oberweis continues march to inevitability to win the nomination and Kinzler hailed as a “unifier”

The Chicago Sun-Times, yesterday and today, published the two candidates who’ve earned the editorial board’s endorsement for the March 17, 2020, primary election for the congressional districts for McHenry County.

In the 14th district, Jim Oberweis was endorsed over the other six opponents. The Sun-Times indicated Oberweis is much more willing to work across the aisle.

In the 6th district, the Sun-Times endorsed Dr. Jay Kinzler to be a unifier, over opponent Jeanne Ives, whom the Sun-Times is very clear is not a unifier.

The respective endorsements an be viewed in the links below:


IL-06/IL-14: Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Dr. Jay Kinzler, Jim Oberweis — 16 Comments

  1. Another Media Platform, recalibrating it’s political marketing strategy ybots, to grind down your resistance.

  2. Kinzler is a conservative … not liberal.

    That’s a lie ETilli.

    He doesn’t have the baggage attacking Firefighters or gays that Ives has.

  3. Prestia, support your gays elsewhere. How about Saudi Arabia or China?

  4. Moo Child has a RINO cast of mind.

    A Pachyderm of the worst order.

    Oberweis go home and take the strange Prestia with you.

  5. What Republican decides who to vote for in a primary based even a tiny bit on who the Sun Times endorses?

    Oberweis and Kinzler–both will lose. The Sun Times is clueless.

  6. Sun Times is sh+t rag. But it’s still better than the Fake News NWH

  7. Shiela, what you said goes with any newspaper endorsement, as if they carried that kind of weight anymore.

    Don’t know if Kinzler is even going to be competitive with Ives. She’s not doing ad buys for the primary, at least none that I’ve noticed.

    As for the 14th, we’re 32 days out, and all signs point to Oberweis. Gradel is now getting caught up with US Stem Cell Clinic, and his campaign’s had months to prepare for when that story hit, so they better start putting their feet forward.

    Rezin is just now starting to get her name out in digital and cable TV.

    We’ll see if they both can grow their support. Barely 30 days to overcome Oberweis’ name ID, and now the Sun-Times endorsement.

  8. ROFL imagine thinking Prestia, a Marter supporter, is some kind of LGBT activist.

    The point isn’t that Kinzler is less conservative, it’s that he has less baggage.

    If you need me to elaborate further, find a new hobby or occupation that is not politics.

  9. MR. Lopez,

    It would behoove you to include in your calculations the candidate that will win, Catalina Lauf, the only suitable candidate that can take on Lauren Underwood.

    Report the facts, or sit down.

  10. Jen, quit hyperventilating over Lauf.

    She’s burnt rye toast.

  11. Ms JenSmith: Thank you for your attempt at calculations, but the numbers add up, and the 14th is down to Oberweis, Rezin and Gradel.

    Lauf and the others are competing for 4th place.

  12. I wonder how much $ the GOP will move towards either district candidates, after the primary.

    You’d think that they’d decide to save their money.

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