Illinois Officials Are Looking for Your Guns If You Don’t Have a FOID Card

According to a new Chicago Tribune article, reasons include the following, all of which were found in at least one of our local towns.

  • Mental health – Includes an in-patient admission to mental health facility or someone judged a clear and present danger.
  • Clear and present danger – Cardholder deemed immediate threat following request by law enforcement or school officials.
  • Domestic violence – Includes convictions for domestic battery, in and out of state, and orders of protection taken out against revokee.
  • Felony – Felony conviction in any state.
  • Prohibited from firearms – Generally triggered by court order as part of a defendant’s court supervision or probation.
  • Non-resident – Cardholder has moved out of Illinois.
  • Administrative – Incomplete application, lack of funds or answering “yes” on any disqualifying questions on FOID application.
  • Adult – A catch-all category for adult FOID card revocations

Here are the number of FOID cardholders from 2015-2019 who did not account for their weapons after having their licenses stripped in each community:

  • Algonquin – 76
  • Barrington Hills – 6
  • Bull Valley – 2
  • Cary – 52
  • Crystal Lake – 108
  • Fox Lake – 28
  • Fox River Grove – 7
  • Greenwood – none reported
  • Harvard – 29
  • Hebron – 9
  • Holiday Hills – 1
  • Island Lake – 21
  • Johnsburg – 14
  • Lake in the Hills – 48
  • Lakemoor – 12
  • Lakewood – 3
  • Marengo – 35
  • McHenry – 111
  • Oakwood Hills – 5
  • Port Barrington – 3
  • Prairie Grove – 1
  • Richmond – 7
  • Ringwood – 2
  • Spring Grove – 26
  • Union – 5
  • Wonder Lake – 41
  • Woodstock – 82

The “non-resident” category caught my attention.

Perhaps they are people who have declared their residence in another state, but still own a home locally.

And, they still have guns in Illinois.

One, for example, was found in Barrington Hills.

Someone owns an illegal gun(s), it would appear, because this now-non-resident is not allowed to have an Illinois Fire Owners Identification Card.

There’s a classic Catch-22.

It’s illegal to have a gun in Illinois and illegal to drive it oneself to the state where one’s next home will be.


Illinois Officials Are Looking for Your Guns If You Don’t Have a FOID Card — 15 Comments

  1. How about this, non residents need not have a FOID card while traveling through Illinois.

    They can’t buy guns or ammo without one but they can transport their weapon to Cal’s house while visiting him.

    Non-Illinois residents are granted a limited exception to lawfully carry a concealed firearm within a vehicle if they are eligible to carry a firearm in public under the laws of their own state.

    Non-residents who are permitted to possess a firearm in their own state are not required to have a FOID card.

  2. First Hand experience :

    I noticed that my foid card was to expire on 12/1/2019 so at mid November I started the renewal process…on line..

    no paper..

    so following all directives I pull up the ISP web site and start they asked me my user name and password..I

    lost the info a few years ago so I asked for a new password

    they still wanted a user name..

    evidently my real name wasn’t good enough..

    after exhausting all tries I waited a Few days hoping this would be different..

    they weren’t on Jan 8th I received a certified letter from the Harvard Police stating that because my foid card has elapsed my CCW was revoked and I am to surrender all weapons….

    Now I would have no problem if I lived 5 miles north of where I am now

  3. This would be from a Tribune investigation. They published one today about Chief Judge Evans falsifying statistics about the outcomes of bail reform. Don’t vilify a free press. Professional journalists have uncovered crime in government over and over.

  4. Unless the law has changed recently, nonresidents can legally purchase ammo in Illinois by showing nonresident ID, but many clerks at big box stores might not know this.

  5. FOID cards are unconstitutional. Woodstock PD has a map in their Central control room showing all residences with a FOID card

  6. If you’ve ever heard of Vietnam or say Benghazi.

    Just send your “Illinois Officials’ down to Texas to try this crap and see what happens.

  7. Just wait until the DEMOCRATS enact the Red Flag Law here in Illinois,
    but by then it will be too late.

  8. The whole FOID and CCW permit is a combined mess.

    If they knew what they were doing, they could streamline that process, and perhaps then they could keep up with the new and renewal applications.

    Ironic that they somehow have time for this surrendering baloney, but not that.

  9. They can’t keep up with the applications because they’re underfunded.

    They’re underfunded because they’ve diverted nearly $30 million away from the funds that are supposed to pay for processing the applications.

    This is not general tax revenue, but fees that were paid by applicants for FOID cards and concealed carry permits.

    It’s a great scam this State has been running: overcharge people for a service, divert the money to other things, and then not properly provide the service because they no longer have the money.

    In the private sector, that sort of behavior is called fraud.

  10. As I understand it, McHenry, LITH and Marengo have FOID owner’s residences listed.

    But regularly the info is so old and out of date, it’s completely useless.

    Especially w/ apartments.

    Illegals don’t bother getting FOID cards anyway.

    Do you people understand that a stolen gun in IL is far more valuable than a properly purchased gun!

    That is a fact!


    Extremely difficult to trace.

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