McConchie among Legislators Calling for Less Partisan Remap

Reform-minded legislators throughout Illinois are calling today for a fairer reapportionment process.

State Senator Dan McConchie is among them.

Here is his press release:

McConchie announces new, bipartisan Fair Maps amendment

Calls on General Assembly to give voters a voice

Chicago, IL… State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) joined several state legislators Thursday during a press conference at the Thompson Center calling on the General Assembly to pass a Fair Maps amendment to the Illinois Constitution.

Sen. McConchie is a co-sponsor of the bipartisan amendment, Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 18, which takes sitting legislators out of Illinois’ legislative map-drawing process and prevents them from drawing their own districts.

Dan McConchie

“The first step to rooting out corruption in Springfield is to have voters choose their legislators, not the other way around,” said Sen. McConchie. “Redistricting reform is supported by a majority of legislators on both sides of the aisle. There’s no excuse why we can’t get a question on the ballot for the voters to decide this fall. Passing this proposal would send a clear message to our constituents that the current political climate in Springfield is no longer acceptable.”

SJRCA 18 includes the following provisions:

  • Establishes an independent, 17-member commission appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court, that is charged with drawing the Congressional and General Assembly maps.
  • Seven commission members will be nominated from each political party (can’t be a sitting elected official or their employees) and three commission members will not be affiliated with either political party.
  • Allows the public to provide comment and submit maps during the map-drawing process for consideration by the Commission. The Commission is required to review all submissions.

In order for SJRCA 18 to be placed on the ballot this General Election, the full General Assembly must pass it no later than May 3, 2020.


McConchie among Legislators Calling for Less Partisan Remap — 5 Comments

  1. Musical chairs, and McConchie could well be the one without a seat when the dirge-like Madigan Remap Sonata stops playing.

    Some GOPer will be axed, and it won’t be RINOS like Webber.

  2. Just use shortest splitline algorithm. Take partisan people out of the equation entirely. We don’t need a galaxy brained politician to come up with some commission made up of 7 dems and 7 reps appointed by the supreme court and… We don’t need paragraph after paragraph. Just write a bill that says we’re using shortest splitline algorithm from now on. It could probably be a few sentences, and with fewer objections and higher public approval than what Dan is talking about.

  3. McConchie knows he’s bye bye next remap.

    Isn’t that what happened with Joe Walsh when he was sane.

    He got euchered out of his seat for the lazy Hultgren?

  4. Walsh decided not to run against Hultgren, even though he lived in the district.

  5. Hultgren and Walsh were elected the same year, 2010.

    After redistricting, Walsh’s residence ended up in the new 14th district, but he decided to run in the 8th which was the district number he previously represented.

    The new 8th district that Walsh found himself running in was more liberal and Walsh lost to Tammy Duckworth who is now a U.S. Senator.

    But, yeah, McConchie will probably end up in a tougher district.

    Cook and the collar counties which account for 2/3rds of the state’s population send exactly ZERO Republicans to the U.S. House.

    They want the same dominance in Springfield too.

    You think you have it bad now?

    You think it’s bad for Republicans now?

    LOL just wait…

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