Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

From Robert Feder:

ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7 isn’t just Chicago’s top-rated television station. With employees related to three prominent Democrats, it also may have the most politically connected newsroom in town.

Morning news anchor Tanja Babich is the daughter-in-law of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, recently hired per-diem reporter Meghan Kluth is the daughter of Congressman Mike Quigley, and per-diem reporter Alexis McAdams is the niece of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. 

It’s strictly a coincidence, according to John Idler, president and general manager of ABC 7. 


Nothing to See Here. Move Along. — 15 Comments

  1. only thing worse than this would be giving your daughter, son, and son in law, high level positions in the white house.

  2. Moron and dementia Democrat Joe Biden, VP of the worst ever US president, while VP got his son a job in Ukraine making a minimum of $50,000 per month. His son had zero qualifications in the gas/energy business and zero knowledge of the Ukraine nation. His son was released from the US Military due to drug problems.

    Democrats’ and media darling Camelot President JFK gave his brother Robert the top job of U.S. Attorney General.

  3. I think ABC 7 is open to hiring more republicans but are having trouble finding ones that can read.

  4. The Chicago DEMOCRAT propaganda media machine is strong
    and has been so for many years.

    Voting has consequences and you can see the result of those
    consequences every time you watch any of the Chicago news

    Contrary to the low I.Q. deranged beliefs of some who visit this blog,
    this has absolutely nothing to do with the White House.

  5. Joe, what would you know about a job, when was the last time you even had one?

  6. Steve Pokorny: You made me laugh so hard I inhaled some of my a.m. coffee.

    Joey K is another Franks’ douche.

  7. I like that moniker:

    Franks’ douche

    Gotta get that in the urban dictionary

  8. Since Elvis has been dead longer than he was alive now.

    I would like Channel 7 to investigate this Elvis Died in 1977 Media Hoax.

    Maybe bring in the High Priest of Journalism Dan Rather to lend credibility.

  9. Known for F.N. so do you really believe it or is it headliner… w/o substance like all the others…

  10. Which is why they have been dubbed the FAKE NEWS.

    Did you expect anything else from a connected city?

    There are no more investigative reporters, they are spoon fed reporters in bed with the Government to get the scoop first.

    When they unleash the old fashioned types, like the ones that would put the mic in their face and start blasting away like Al Jacobson.

    Now they print FAKE NEWS.

    The Herald started 30 years ago of sleeping with their sources to get the scoop, they even had personal cellphones to the LEO then put them on the board of directors.

  11. LOL, Joe Kvidera, that’s funny, no wait, I’m a Republican. LOL

  12. Sounds like the McHenry County States Attorney’s Office run by the inept dipstick Patrick Kenneally in my opinion.

    This guy is a joke.

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