Democratic Party State Rep. Candidate Suzanne Ness Gets Deeper into Mike Madigan’s Debt

Previously, McHenry County Blog pointed out that House Speaker Mike Madigan is pumping tens of thousands of dollars into McHenry County Board member Suzanne Ness’ State Rep. campaign.

$21,987.39 for a mailing on January 21st to be exact.

Another $13,416.18 for a second mailing was spent by Madigan on January 30th.

Salary of $1,250.23 from the same source was reported for Kathleen Stanczykiewicz on January 31st.

Next came $20,000 from State Rep. Kathleen Willis of Addison.

Woodstock resident Donald Metivier kicked in $2,550 on February 10th.

In addition, Ness spent $1,350 of her own money for printing.

As the first article said,

Safe to Predict that County Board Member Suzanne Ness, If Elected State Rep., Will Vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker

Hard to see any way that Ness could be independent of House Speaker Madigan.


Democratic Party State Rep. Candidate Suzanne Ness Gets Deeper into Mike Madigan’s Debt — 11 Comments

  1. Kathleen Willis did not beat Peter Breen. Terra Costa Howard did. And TCH didn’t spend “millions”.

  2. She was only elected to the county board in 2018 and now she wants to go to Springfield.

    She treats county board not as something valuable in and of itself but as a stepping stone for her own personal power.

    There are people who are wrong, there are people who are dumb, and then there are people, like Ness, who are obsessed with power.

    Guess which one is the most dangerous?

    She’s bankrolled by Madigan too.

    It’s all very concerning.

  3. “Remember I did you this favor on the day of my daughter’s wedding” – Vito Corleone

  4. No Trumpion, it’s more like she’s related to the monster in that Scottish Loch.

  5. Could it be she is related to Lou Ness formerly with Turning Point?

    not to Charlie Kirk. Turning Point

  6. Cal, didn’t Turning Point procure fake testimony in trials??????

  7. Ness is a human-marionette.

    And Madigan is her ventriloquist, paymaster, minder and creator.

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