IL-14: Ted Gradel’s Latest Mailing Hitting Street

Ted Gradel

Gradel emphasizes his and President Trump’s similarities and how he will help President Trump by being elected to Congress


IL-14: Ted Gradel’s Latest Mailing Hitting Street — 5 Comments

  1. Wow such deep thought in laying out these detailed positions.

    But he forgot to mention where he worked a year ago BEFORE the FDA shut him down last spring with a federal court ruling with a permanent injunction against him personally. Could that be shady, greedy US Stem Cell Clinic?

  2. These are getting sooooooooo tiresome.

    How about something a bit more tittilating?

  3. Good talking points on flyer by Gradel. In contrast to a Democrat candidate for office having a television ads claiming that Trump would harm immigrants and HE the Democrat will protect them.

    More crazy talk by the Democrat and not called to task by the mostly left wing media who are mouthpieces for the Democrat Party.

    Trump is supportive and positive about LEGAL immigration and the immigrants who have come to the U.S. by obeying all immigration laws and rules.

    It is the Democrat Party that would destroy our nation. Democrats propose open borders and free health care for illegal immigrants. Many elected Democrat leaders, mayors and governors, have broken federal law by inviting and harboring illegal immigrants with their so-called “sanctuary city” or “sanctuary state”. They should be prosecuted for their crime and pay fines and or go to jail.

  4. Do you people know that Prekwinkel,Lightfoot, Duckworthless, etc., have all rallied around the Soros-funded SA Kim Foxx of Smollett infamy!

  5. Lori Lightfoot at least said it was good that the case against Smollett was reopened or new charges were filed.

    She still endorsed Kim Foxx though.

    It’s concerning that Warren and Sanders have endorsed Kim Foxx.

    People should dog them everywhere they go for such a stupid endorsement, and one they shouldn’t have weighed in on in the first place.

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