Jack Franks Declares He Has Done No Wrong

That’s what the Daily Herald reports:

Franks tells McHenry County Board: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’ – Daily Herald

Thursday McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks maintained his innocence and asked that citizens reserve their judgment while Illinois State Police investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. Franks has not been charged, but he has been banned from entering the state Capitol Building without a police escort.


Jack Franks Declares He Has Done No Wrong — 14 Comments

  1. And he won’t be charged.

    Dad Franks bottled up the news for years and will make sue to his dying day Golden Boy will never be charged.

    Just like Salvi’s scrape that was hushed up ‘Kopechne style”, the acussant(s) will be bought off to shut them up.

    Isn’t that how Weinstein and Epstein got away with it all those years?

    Don’t rely on Kenneally to do a damned thing.

    He won’t!

  2. That’s right!

    They need time to relocate the accusers to Quebec, Costa Rica and California.

    Then the problems are swept away.

    Very Bill Clintonish I must say.

  3. In the United States you are innocent until proven guilty.


    And at this point this topic is all conjecture.

    That said, in situations like this, the wife knows the truth.

  4. Again, any crime related to the search warrant took place in Sangamon County, not McHenry County.

  5. Why isn’t Kenneally looking into the safety of the women at the County?

    Likely he’s too busy playing video games and kissing Butts in my opinion!

  6. Kenneally doesn’t play videos, but he does play spider solitaire on his county computer all the time.

    Has he ever tried a case?

    Does he still go the Millers’ Thanksgiving Day Dinner?

  7. @MsTrumpion

    How in Sam Hell can you refer to this as Clintonesque?

    AFAIK, nobody has committed suicide yet nor died under strange circumstances.

    Perhaps Jacko wasn’t as closely aligned to Hillary as every seems to think!

  8. Bill Clinton -‘ I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”

    Hack … I mean Jack Franks – “ I did nothing wrong’

    Like Clinton, Franks is a pervert. Now he is a liar as well.

  9. Give us a break, how in Sam HILL can you swan for the creepy Franks?

  10. @Trexler

    Swan? WTF? Grab a dictionary and look up sarcasm.

    Then go back and re-read my post.

    Pretend that there is and before and after and then open your eyes so you can see the the 😉 that ends the post.

    You could also just sit back and shut up thereby letting folks just think you’re stupid rather than proving the point.

  11. The county board should not leave this to chance.

    Hold a special meeting and vote to make Franks adhere to an assigned escort anytime he is on County Property or conducting county business within the county.

    If Madigan did it in the State Capitol, why not protect the employees and residents of Mchenry County?

    The county board should have taken precautionary action already!

    There is a real liability not taking proper precautions after knowing full well that this was implemented at the State Capitol and still is!

    Franks should have no trouble agreeing with this measure, after all, it protects all, even him.

  12. And take that with you* Franks and Kenneally!

    * The voters BIG BOOT buried knee deep in each of your monkey @$$3$!

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