Judge Justin Hansen Gets Good Grades from Fellow Lawyers

From the campaign of appointed McHenry County Circuit Court Judge Justin Hansen:

Judge Justin Hansen Rated “Recommended” in ISBA Judicial Advisory Poll

Received 5th Highest Score of Any McHenry County Judicial Candidate Since 2016

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – The results from the Illinois State Bar Association Judicial Advisory Poll in the 22nd Judicial Circuit are out, and Judge Justin Hansen has received an overwhelming recommendation for a full term as Circuit Court Judge.

Judge Hansen was recommended by 94.25% of those participating, significantly above the threshold of 65% required to receive a “Recommended” rating. 

In fact, Hansen’s rating of 94.25% is the 5th highest ISBA Judicial Advisory Poll rating achieved by any sitting judge or judicial candidate in McHenry County since 2016, higher than 77 other ratings. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

Hansen received especially high marks for integrity, impartiality, and temperament.

  • According to 97.69% of respondents, Hansen would “Adhere to the high standards of integrity and ethical conduct required of the office.”
  • 96.55% of respondents agreed that Hansen would “Act and rule impartially and free of any predisposition or improper influence.”
  • 97.13% of respondents believe that Hansen would “Exercise appropriate temperament with courtesy, consideration, firmness, fairness, patience and dignity.”
  • Finally, when asked about Hansen’s “sensitivity to diversity and bias,” he rated at an extraordinarily high 96.26%.

Judge Hansen was unanimously appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill the vacancy of Judge Michael Sullivan in February 2019. Judge Hansen has presided over cases in the Family and Civil Divisions.

Quote from Judge Justin Hansen

“I am honored and humbled to have the recommendation of my peers, especially to see that they recognize how important it is to me that I serve with integrity. Voters should know that my pledge is to never allow politics in my courtroom because integrity always comes first. It has been a privilege to serve my community as judge and I look forward to the honor of being elected to a full term.”

About Judge Hansen: Judge Justin Hansen is a dedicated community servant from unincorporated Crystal Lake who serves with integrity as McHenry County Circuit Court Judge. Prior to his service as a judge, Judge Hansen was an accomplished prosecutor and experienced attorney with over a decade of experience in the law. He has served the community through Habitat for Humanity, InterVarsity, and the Task Force on Family Violence. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Senior Care Volunteer Network and Big Brothers Big Sisters of McHenry County. A graduate of Augustana College, he earned his Juris Doctor from DePaul University.

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Judge Justin Hansen Gets Good Grades from Fellow Lawyers — 13 Comments

  1. Who cares what the libtard ISBA losers write.

    Brown nose and don’t make waves. Don’t you dare make any waves.

    LGBTQXYZ agenda, you better be good with it or get out.

    Illegal alien special rights over ordinary citizens, you better support it or forget it.

    The whole rotten liberal orthodoxy, support it or get out.

    Worship at the Idol of Diversity or you are the oddball.

    Actually, considering the poor judiciary in this state and county, no conservatives need apply to judicial positions.

    The appointment racket takes care of it anyway.

  2. What about Nader, she’s a real ‘prize.’ Why is she behind the McClelland campaign?

  3. In a function place, like IA or WI, Hansen would get straight C’s.

    The Problem is that he’s running against people who are crooked (McClellan) or opportunistic/vainglorious (Brewer)

  4. Ms Trumpion: what evidence do you have that Judge Nader has anything to do with McClellan’s campaign? No endorsement, no donations, no position in her campaign, no mention of the judge on the website. You just slither in here anonymously, making things up.

  5. Terminator: the poll is anonymous, so it has no element of trying to please the judge being evaluated. He has no idea how any individual rated him.

    Name a case in which you think he did a bad job, so I can look it up and report on it.

  6. Martin you know very well the few cases he ever tried were never reported.

    Are you Hansen?

  7. You argue like a child.

    You do not know what I do or do not know.

    You say: “the few cases he ever tried were never reported.”

    Your thought here is not clear as to whether you mean cases he tried as a lawyer or cases he heard as a judge.

    Either way, give me name and case number.

    One can learn a lot by looking at the common law record available for public inspection.

    All pleadings, motions, briefs, orders and more.

    You won’t, because like your anonymous coward comrades above, you spout nonsense you cannot back up with evidence.

  8. From the ISBA website:

    “The results of the 2020 Primary Judicial Advisory Polls (outside Cook County) and Judicial Evaluations (Cook County and Appellate and Supreme Court outside Cook County) will be available near February 20, 2020.”

    So keep your eyes open.

  9. Martin, don’t be fooled. If we lived in a normal place, people like Hansen might be elected.

    The Truth is, so many sitting judges are political tools, or they slept with the right people way back when, or had to be bought off.

    Yes, a few honest people do, somehow, get through: like Gervais for example.

    But they are in the minority.

    Watch out for the John Marshall Mafia, too!

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