Skillicorn Mailing Draws Schofield Response

The most recent mailing from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, locked this year in a two-way face-off with McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield, has drawn scorn from Capitol Fax commenters and Schofield herself.

Here is the hit piece:

This is the address side.

Here is Schofield’s response:”

“I hesitated to send this because I find this mailer extremely offensive not just to me personally but to all women.

“However, I thought you might be interested as I find this behavior from a sitting legislator sickening. 

Using a #rape, #sexualharassment for political gain is pathetic.   

“This went out about a week ago and everyone that I know that received it said it was addressed to the male in the household. 

“If my opponent were to attend any interview/forum that he were invited to then he would know I have publicly addressed all of the issues he completely lies about on this mailer.

“I guess if you don’t show up to find the truth than he feels justified in spreading lies. 

“Linking me to Mike Madigan (a man who I have never met or said anything positive about) only plays on the statistics that show negative attacks work

“This is the tactic he barely won on last time (along with $500,000 of Proft/Rauner money to spread those lies) and he has done nothing as a representative to run on this time. 

“I truly hope the voters of the 66th District do not fall for these desperate tactics.”


Skillicorn Mailing Draws Schofield Response — 8 Comments

  1. Carolyn was always a big spender and go along kind of person.

    We don’t need that in Springfield.

  2. Who the heck cares what Capital Fax pinheads say!!!!

    They are passé… just like faxes.

    Good Work Skilly!

    It’s all true, except creepy Carolyn doesn’t just ‘doesn’t object to rising property taxes.’

    She lauds them!

  3. I didn’t like it when it happened to Joe Tirio and others and I don’t like it now that Carolyn Schofield is targeted.

    These types of political attacks are disgusting.

  4. Please Pletz, try not to have a cow.

    What happened to Tirio was libel.

    All Skillicorn did was expose the Truth.

    Pletz, see if you can find old videos of Romper Room.

    We must never, ever offend your delicate sensibilities.

  5. Pletz, The mailers that went out were defamatory, lies and sent out by anonymous dark money who broke the law.

    What part of Skillicorn’s mailer isn’t true?

  6. Mr. Pletz, you are comparing something True and Expositive (Skillicorn mailing), w/ something False, Libelous and Crooked, and designed for low IQ recipients.

    Do not be fooled!

  7. Trexler, how did you know I was old enough to remember Romper Room? 🙂

    The verbiage side is not what I’m mentioning.

    I’m not pleased with the Dark side with the words Rape, Sexual Harassment, Me Too and so on.

    Very low average.

    Just my opinion.

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