Skillicorn Replies to Schofield Criticism of His Hit Piece

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn, replying to GOP opponent Carolyn Schofield’s response to his latest negative mailing.

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

“What planet is she coming from?

“I have documentation and screen shots and am happy to deliver them to every mailbox in the district…

“On December 4th 2019 I called for Speaker Madigan’s resignation on the WGNTV show Politics Tonight.

“I haven’t heard her join me and am still waiting for her to call for his resignation.

“The scandals have gotten worse since then. Carolyn, what are you waiting for?

“The 66th House District is a Pro-Life district.

“Carolyn has NEVER filled out any surveys taking a stand on the issue.

“She can’t play footsie with Moms Demand Action and still claim to be pro 2A.

“The local ISRA chapter saw right through her.

“Her constituents are effectively renting their homes from the local taxing bodies.

“Her single biggest donor is the teacher’s union.

“Carolyn, you cannot hide from the truth.”


Skillicorn Replies to Schofield Criticism of His Hit Piece — 8 Comments

  1. Franks is a special case. His father ordains it! Who spilt the beans???!!!

  2. ^ Me too!

    I heard Franks was helping her in this election. He’s helping Ness.

  3. Nothing says desperation like bashing your opponent with lies!

    Allen you know your opponent does NOT hate Trump!

    Schofield is a respected Republican and just because she doesn’t regurgitate all of your crazy right wing ideologies doesn’t mean she is not a Republican!

    A community leader has to support the entire community and maybe you should look at your record and ask yourself if that is what you are doing.

    The community knows that is not your intention!

    If someone disagrees with you then you block them from your social media page so you can control the dialogue!

    Is that a leader?

    No it’s not!

    You bash teachers and elected officials and your big point about “calling for Madigan’s resignation” well….how is that going?

    That means absolutely nothing!

    Allen you are an empty, sweaty, size XL suit!

    Show up to a debate and let’s see you face your opponent and call her these names in person and bring your facts to support all of your reckless claims!

    Maybe the reason you won’t even stay in the same room with your opponent is because you know she would eat you alive and you would run out of the room like the weak person you are with no facts to support anything you have said!

    Let’s face it Allen, you know your days are numbered and if Schofield doesn’t beat you then the seat will likely be lost to a Democrat!

    You are the least liked rep and you certainly must feel that which is why you are just amping up all your crazy, inflammatory claims!

    The big man hiding behind his computer keyboard!

    Of course Carolyn Schofield supports sexual harassment and rape!

    Doesn’t everyone?

    You don’t even sound sane to suggest that, you sound desperate!

    Get your resume ready Allen because one way or another you will be out of a job!

    Maybe you can learn to pump gas once that bill passes since everyone knows you don’t even have an Associate’s degree which was just another one of your lies!

    Keep it up because many people are really enjoying your desperate display!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Skillicorn all the way, not Franks’ puppet Nessie, or the fake Carolyn RINO.

  5. FarrierDan.

    You must not know your facts.

    Everything Skillicorn writes about Schofield is false.

    Schofield has never met Madigan, she is not a Trump hater, Franks did not endorse her, she is a true Republican who is willing to work with people to get things done, etc.

    if you really believe the lies Skillicorn puts out there, ask him for proof.

    If you get anything from him, it should be verified as Allen does not know how to tell the truth.

    He was caught supposedly being in two different places (approximately 250 miles apart) at the same time.

    He then lied to a newspaper reporter about it.

    He hasn’t done anything for District 66 except collect his paycheck and per firm.

    Please get Skillicorn to debate Schofield and you will find out the truth.

    In November, he challenged her to three debates but never followed up on them.

    She is anxiously waiting.

    When Schofield showed up to a Forum, Skillicorn could not leave quickly enough.

    Please do your research and get the correct facts.

    All Skillicorn has are lies.

  6. Alan is getting sad a desperate.

    He is losing touch with reality.

    It has never been more clear he needs to go.

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