Steve Reick Wants Local Control of DCFS Functions

State Rep. Steve Reick has introduced a bill that would hand over the handling of abused kids to McHenry County government.

I guess he thinks children like AJ Freund could not be treated worse by local officials.

Here’s a summary of the bill:

Creates the McHenry County Children and Family Services Agency Division in the Counties Code (referred to as AJ’s Law).

Establishes a county children and family services agency in McHenry County for a 5-year period to replace the operations of the Department of Children and Family Services within that county.

Provides that the McHenry County children and family services agency shall have all powers and duties of the Department under the Children and Family Services Act and the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.

Provides for the appointment of an executive director and employment of employees.

Provides for requirements for operation of the county children and family services agency, including unit-based multidisciplinary teams.

Provides for State funding of the agency after submission of a budget to the Department each year.

Provides for transfer of power and duties back to the Department should the county children and family services agency cease operators after the initial 5-year period.

Effective immediately.

= = = = =

Prior to the late 1970’s, the McHenry County Probation Office ran a foster child placement service.

No complaints ever reached my ears.

During Governor Jim Thompson’s term, when his budget was pinched, DCFS stopped funding.

When DCFS Director Greg Coler put his budget together, he protected his bureaucracy.

One of the cut was for money for McHenry County to run its foster child placement service.


Steve Reick Wants Local Control of DCFS Functions — 6 Comments

  1. Steve Reick needs to ‘control’ his drinking first, then he can talk about controlling state agencies he never did anything about in his years of boozy misrepresentation.

    We don’t need such Repuiblicans in name only.

    Why does Reick continually bad mouth Trump, Wilcox and Skillicorn.

    Why was he lunching w/ Franks in 2017?

  2. He trashed Trump at last year’s county fair.

    I can attest to that.

    Don’t cast a vote for this swamp thing.

  3. I disagree maybe where they should start as with the State’s Attorney’s Office who continually allow these abusive parents to have their kids back. DCFS can bring charges to the state’s attorney in the state’s attorney doesn’t do a damn thing. Multiple repeat offenders parents who don’t do what they’re supposed to do are constantly giving chances over and over again. State’s Attorney bend over backwards and kisses the butts of the accused parents will the person that is following a lot and doing everything they can to protect the children I put through hell. And all that ever happens to the accused abuser is a slap on the wrist or nothing. Start there.

  4. Reick is OK on some things, but a terrible person, and quite bad on other things.

    But here is the bottom line:

    He has to be better than the two democrats vying to run against him tho.

    Leftists don’t criticize other leftists, ever.

    Why do Republicans?

    Yes, Reick leaves alot to be desired, but there is simply no alternative (in that particular race)

  5. Would Jacko be the guy who would appoint the director?

    He probably would have put his buddy Acosta in charge if had had the power to do so.

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