Skillicorn Criticizes Schofield’s Support by “Trump Hater” Algonquin Village Board President John Schmitt

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Carolyn Schofield Endorsed by Trump Hater!


Huntley, IL – Normally politicians list off their allies, mentors, and other people with similar political philosophies as endorsements during campaign season. That’s all well and good, but my Republican Primary opponent has accepted an endorsement from a man who calls himself a “very partisan” Democrat, compares Republicans to Nazis, harbors religious bigotry against Christians, and is a Trump hater.

In a Democrat Primary it would not be totally uncommon to boast of an endorsement from someone who suffers from “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, but why would a so-called Republican candidate accept this endorsement?

Please let me introduce you to Algonquin Village President John Schmitt.

His favorite politicians are Barack Obama, J.B. Pritzker, Sean Casten, and Carolyn Schofield.

John Schmitt publicly posts on social media that he is a “very partisan” Democrat.

Why would he endorse a candidate in the Republican Party if that person wasn’t planning on advancing his “very partisan” interests?


Unbelievable just doesn’t capture it.

For all of the men and women who have died for our flag, Schmitt—as
a veteran himself–disgustingly posted the transformation of our US flag into a horrific Nazi one.

This is offensive and repugnant!

I am quite literally speechless.

Look for yourself.


Outright religious bigotry against Christians.

If Carolyn Schofield supports President Trump how could she be allied with someone who has this much hate towards President Donald J. Trump?


Schmitt has no problem terrifying children and letting them be used to push his extremist positions.

Where does Carolyn Schofield stand on global warming? Where does she stand on Illinois’ Green New Deal, the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act?


Where to begin, Schmitt harbors religious bigotry, believes the debunked Russia hoax, insults the “deplorables,” and shows his “very partisan” Democrat stripes.

And he’s endorsing Carolyn Schofield!

As a Conservative Republican who fully supports the President, National Republican Party Platform, and Illinois Republican Party Platform I wouldn’t even consider a mention by this man, let alone an endorsement.

My opponent is actively boasting about this endorsement and buying ads promoting it.

Is my opponent running to be McHenry’s Nancy Pelosi?

My opponent should immediately repudiate her endorsement from Schmitt.

My opponent should also immediately rebuke Schmitt for his hateful and bigoted statements.

My opponent already has a pattern of being silent on these issues. She has had months to join me in calling for Speaker Michael Madigan’s resignation, yet she is silent.

My opponent has been silent on the calls for McHenry County Board Member Carlos Acosta’s resignation despite the death of AJ Freund.

My opponent has been silent on the calls for Chairman Jack Franks to resign or be censured.

She defends Democrats just like CNN and MSNBC and that’s why I call her #SilentSchofield.


Skillicorn Criticizes Schofield’s Support by “Trump Hater” Algonquin Village Board President John Schmitt — 38 Comments

  1. Allen Skillicorn is definitely running scared. He has a target on his fat belly and it will be pierced by one of two women this year.

    He knows his time is up. Will it be Carolyn Schofield who beats him? Or will it be Suzanne Ness?

    Either way, Skillicorn will be history.

    This post is classic narcissism on display for all to see.

    First, nowhere is Skillicorn touting his own record as state representative. He has none.

    John Schmitt, elected to 4 terms as village president is the longest serving village president in the history of that village. Clearly, none of Skillicorn’s attacks is on how he served the village as president. Throw in his years as trustee, and Schmitt has served as an elected official in Algonquin for over 30 years.

    Whether Schmitt pulls a Republican ballot to vote for Schofield is what Skillicorn is really afraid of.

    Personally, I think Skillicorn is still mad at Algonquin when Skillicorn was fighting the proposed state bag tax last year, Algonquin, in the face of Skillicorn’s active and open fight against it, passed a resolution supporting the bag tax unanimously at the village board.

    The state’s bag tax did not advance last year but it wasn’t because of Skillicorn’s actions.

    But one must say, posts like this one from Skillicorn proves a change is needed. All these non-issues doesn’t hide the fact he owes explanations about last June 1st.

    As said earlier, either Schofield or Ness, one of those two women are going to get Skillicorn this year. Voters are going to choose which one it’ll be.

    Narcissists project their own faults, which means his own silence on the ethics investigation he is under speaks volumes. Skillicorn role as a Trump alternate delegate has gone to his head. Let alone, how much Skillicorn yearns to be a member of Congress in Washington.

  2. Never knew John Schmitt posted so many honest, truthful, facts on FB.

  3. The flag slide is offensive.

    I guess one should expect that from a small town mayor
    that is the size of Hermann Göring

  4. Wow, I agree with Lopez.

    Skillcorn is such an insignificant turd in politics, it will be good to see him go back to running the laundromat.

  5. Hopefully this all culminates in Schmitt’s achieving his childhood dream, of appearing with pal Pritzker on the cover of Restroom Operators Magazine.

    Cover will read: “Another Madcap Adventure”!

  6. If those posts by the mayor are true and correct, it is really sad about his hatred. But, that is what we get from numerous Democrats such as Pelosi and Schumer for over 3 years. Apparently they never will get over the loss by their grossly incompetent and thug Hillary Clinton to a non-politician, Trump. This miserable candidate, Hillary, besides incompetence, committed various acts of real obstruction of justice but was let off the hook for these by a corrupt federal bureau top guy James.

    The “real president” as the mayor apparently posted was well documented to be the worst ever president of our nation with numerous instances of grand lies (keep your doctor, health insurance), incompetence and stupidity. During the 2016 presidential election campaign, that president told we Americans that the thug Hillary Clinton was the most ever qualified candidate to run for president. That means better than Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

  7. John Lopez:

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Fezzik (André the Giant), The Princess Bride

    In your post, you write “This post is classic narcissism … ”

    Merriam-Webster defines “narcissism” as “egoism”, which is then defined as “excessive concern for oneself with or without exaggerated feelings of self-importance”.

    In his post, Skillicorn goes on at length about John Schmitt and to a lesser extent about Schofield. He doesn’t mention himself at all.

    In short, Skillicorn may be a narcissist, but this post of is not evidence of that trait.

    You go on to write “All these non-issues doesn’t (sic) hide the fact he owes explanations about last June 1st.”

    You’re half right and half wrong, but mixing the two issues together is the logical fallacy of conflation.

    Skillicorn does owe an explanation for how he could be in two places at one time.

    But that doesn’t make Schofield’s failure to repudiate some of Schmitt’s more extreme positions a nonissue, nor does it make her position on Madigan, Acosta and Franks a nonissue.

    It’s reasonable to bring these issues to the attention of voters.

    As I’ve said before, I have no dog in this race.

    I don’t know Skillicorn and I don’t know Schofield.

    And it’s okay for you, John, to support Schofield and to oppose Skillicorn.

    But I would ask you to stick to logical reasoning.

  8. An excellent article posted by Paul Revere at 11:52 AM, Feb 15. Would be interesting to hear comments on it from left wingers, Democrats, bleeding hearts.

    Some time ago, Trump had commented on illegal immigrant vicious gang members who came to the U.S. from El Salvador and brutally kill people in the U.S. Trump said they were animals. Democrat Pelosi said: “Does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?”.

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had long resisted branding the African terrorist group, Boko Haram in Africa as “Terrorist” in spite of US Senate efforts to do so. Then, Boko Haram kidnapped 200 young girls from a school there.

  9. Steve Wilson. I don’t even know if Skillicorn’s pictures of John are real.

    Skillicorn has told so many lies.

    He is a do nothing sort of guy.

    In his resume, he states he has an Associates instead of an Associate Degree.

    He does not have a degree at all.

    This is a way to fool people – deceitful.

    Schofield has never met Madigan or defended him.

    Skillicorn wonders what Madigan has on her – lie.

    Schofield has never talked against President Trump.

    Skillicorn says she hates Trump.

    Another lie.

    All I ask is that you look at Schofield’s resume compared to Skillicorn.

    He will not debate her.


    She knows so much, much more than him.

    He wants her to be on the defense so she cannot handle her campaign.

    Get him to debate Schofield and you can judge for yourself!

  10. How does somebody like Schmitt ever get elected in the first place?

  11. Mr. Lopez, how can a GOP State Rep in a state with a democratic supermajority in the house ever have any good legislation to show? Answer me that!

    Will schofield turn democrat if she gets in and gets something enacted as part of her switheroo deal? That’s about the only way she’ll ever have something to show for herself.

    That’s not fair to go after Skillicorn for that. What did Reick ever do? What about Weber? Where’s their legislation?

  12. @Paul Revere

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that I’d want to know that I was going to die mysteriously or commit suicide in the first quarter of 2021.

    But if “Little Mike” wants to roll that way. . .

  13. ** He has a target on his fat belly**


    John, is this how you display your Christ-like values?

    You run around this blog talking about you’re a messenger of God, and you spew this garbage?

    Focus on substance. Not on BS like someone’s weight.

    I’m no fan of Skillicorn.

    But these childish attacks are absurd.

  14. I stand by what I said.

    What did I say that was not true?

    Skillicorn goes and insults an entire town in Algonquin and posts a bunch of screenshots allegedly used by John Schmitt over the course of a year and included a hate symbol?

    Had Skillicorn been the humble public servant and not the loud mouth narcissist he’d be more sympathetic of a figure but he is not.

    He cannot tell the truth, has an ethics complaint against him, and lately whenever he says anything I can’t believe him.

    Skillicorn’s days are numbered and after this real assault on the residents of Algonquin the sooner the better.

  15. Say what you will, but Skillicorn never voted to raise taxes, squash 1st or 2nd amendment rights or was ever called a RINO.

    Voting for Skillicorn.

  16. Oh MegMom, I and most God-fearing voters, value honesty & integrity over everything else, including the Constitution.

    I see his signs on display and one of the reads “tax cutter”.

    So which tax has Skillicorn ever cut while in office?

    We still get stuck with the taxes he voted against.

    If the voters don’t get Skillicorn in March, they will definitely get him in November.

  17. No surprise she is backed by Trump haters.

    I remember last time she ran for state rep there were a bunch of progressive Democrats shilling for her on Facebook.

    That’s pretty much her lane: attracting votes from moderate to liberal Republicans and crossover Democrats.

  18. **I and most God-fearing voters, value honesty & integrity over everything else, **

    Ah, yes, the kind of integrity that attacks someone’s weight.

    How Christ-like and god-fearing. 🙄

    What a joke.

  19. John Lopez:

    You say you’re a “God-fearing” man, that you “value honesty & integrity over everything else”.

    In point of fact, you pick and choose incidents that support your conclusion and ignore what doesn’t.

    Clearly, Skillicorn should answer about being in two places at once.

    Let’s assume for the moment that he purposely had someone vote for him when he wasn’t in Springfield.

    That hasn’t actually been established, but let’s assume that.

    That would be wrong.

    But in the hierarchy of bad things politicians do, from bribery, to ignoring child abuse, to failing to report sexual assault, to sexual assault, it’s small potatoes.

    But as a “God-fearing” man, you know that there are sins of commission and sins of omission, and that sins of omission can be just as bad or worse than sins of commission.

    Refusing to speak out against those who are accused of much more significant crimes, especially when asked about them repeatedly, is a sin of omission.

    As Edmund Burke said,

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke, the British MP, not Ed Burke, the Chicago alderman.)

    Skillicorn contends that Schofield has refused to call for Madigan, Acosta and Franks to step down.

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Schofield has said things like, “I’ve never met Madigan”, which hardly addresses Skillicorn’s claim, and Skillicorn is correct in his facts.

    Skillicorn says Schofield “hates” Trump, which is a bold claim.

    But despite unlimited opportunities to flatly deny the charge, Schofield has chosen silence.

    Further, you continue to call Skillicorn a “narcissist” and your evidence is that he does what every politician running for office does: talks about his positives and his opponents’ negatives.

    That’s not narcissism, and if it is, then every politician is a narcissist and so it is no longer a differentiating factor.

    But, worst of all, when confronted with the flaws in your reasoning and your evidence, you simply fail to refute the specific charges and evidence.

    You don’t dispute the evidence.

    You don’t deny the logic.

    You don’t further explain yourself or provide more evidence to support your position.

    You simply repeat yourself or change the subject or give non-answers such as “you put words in my mouth”.

    And that, too, is a sin of omission.

    Now, I look at political candidates differently than you do.

    I start with a list of issues that important to me and then I compare the candidates’ stances on those issues side by side.

    If and only if we agree on important issues will I consider voting for them.

    They could be the nicest people in the world, but if they support policies I oppose, then I won’t vote for them.

    To some people, support of Trump is an important issue and so they want to know whether candidates support Trump or not. Skillicorn is a strong Trump supporter.

    Schofield has remained silent even when called out on the issue repeatedly.

    To some people, calling for Madigan, Acosta and Franks to step down is important.

    Skillicorn has been explicit in his view on this subject.

    To my knowledge, Schofield has refused to say explicitly that she feels they should step down or that they shouldn’t.

    To some people, opposing higher taxes is an important issue.

    Skillicorn has been explicit in his view on this subject.

    I’ve looked on Schofield’s web site and I see nothing one way or the other.

    Now, you may have a different list of important issues.

    I might have a different list.

    But whatever our opinions, the issues I listed are certainly important to a lot of voters, and the voters deserve to know – explicitly – where each candidates stands on them.

    As always, I invite a reasoned response.

    My interest is in reaching the best decision, not simply supporting one side or the other, and public debate is useful for that purpose.

    So, if you can rebut the specifics of my claims, show where my reasoning is wrong, where my evidence is wrong, where you have superior evidence, or why my claims are unimportant, please do so.

    I’ve been proven wrong before on this blog and admitted it.

    So if you can prove me wrong, I’ll gladly admit it.

    As Lord Keynes once said when accused of flip-flopping on an issue,

    “When the facts change, I change my mind.

    What do you do, sir?”

  20. Thank You Steve Willson for your comment.

    I will add, I do not think Allen Skillicorn is running scared, but he has good reason to be concerned, when he sees “Indifference” !

    We see that with Acosta & Franks Too !

  21. Alabama Shake, you were right and I was wrong.

    I apologize publicly for making Skillicorn’s weight an issue.

    It was wrong for me to go there.

    I refrain from participating in any discussion on the 66th district race anymore.


  22. Skillicorn is not a tax cutter or any other cutter or doer.

    He votes “no” on everything, not just taxes.

    He claims he got some bills passed.

    But they weren’t his bills.

    He is a “hater” of just about anything or anyone.

    In any part of his campaign has he said what good he can do.?

    NO, he has not.

    All he has done is make up vicious lies.

    Again, back in November, he said he would challenge Schofield to three debates. Schofield is willing and wanting to debate him at anytime.

    However, he will not debate her as she knows more about what is going on in McHenry County than Skillicorn could ever imagine.

    A debate will bring out the true Sillicorn.

  23. John Lopez, please do not refrain from making comments on District 66.

    You seem to be a very educated and informed person.

    We need you to get good representation in that district.

    Thank you

  24. You don’t need to refrain from making comments. Just stick to actual substance.

  25. Steve Wilson – why should a candidate have to continually defend themselves against false accusations? The only reason is so they are so busy and frustrated in defending themselves, they have little time to prepare their own campaign. Perhaps Schofield doesn’t even read this blog. No one has worked harder for McHenry County. What has Skillicorn accomplished since elected. Zero! Schofield has never stuck up for Madigan. Don’t know where Skillicorn gets (makes up) his lies. As far as June 1 goes, there are several pictures of Skillicorn being where he said he wasn’t. He was not in Springfield for the voting even though he was signed in and showed he was voting. Yes, he had someone do it for him while he was approximately 250 miles away. He then lied to a newspaper person about it. You must insist on a debate between the two. Schofield would love one – Skillicorn not at all.

  26. Schofield could get rid of these “rumors” in two seconds by saying “I support Trump” or stating whatever her opinion is instead of saying she has addressed the issue elsewhere.

    She comes across as either not liking transparency or not wanting to discuss Trump.

    I agree there should be a debate between these two candidates.

    How about the McHenry County or Kane County Republicans host it?

  27. Correcting on. I believe there was a debate set up and Skillicorn didn’t show.

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