IL-14: Sue Rezin Endorsed by Daily Herald

Sue Rezin

Narrowing the field down to the two state senators the Herald believes Rezin can get things done in Washington

Saturday afternoon, the Daily Herald published its editorial endorsement in the 14th congressional district and endorsed State Senator Sue Rezin for the Republican nomination for Congress.

The Herald clearly narrowed the 7-candidate field down to two candidates, with the endorsement clearly between Rezin and fellow State Senator Jim Oberweis.

The deciding factor was Rezin’s professionalism and not degenerating to the name-calling which has engulfed Washington and nearly all of the candidates in the field in the 14th.

It’s also clear the responses at the January 30 Batavia debate weighed heavily into the decision to endorse Rezin.

Summing up its endorsement

“We believe Rezin offers Republicans the best chance of an election victory in November. Of the seven Republicans running, she also offers the best potential for public service.”

Daily Herald editorial board 2/15/20

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IL-14: Sue Rezin Endorsed by Daily Herald — 22 Comments

  1. The liberal democrat running as a Republican got the endorsement.

    Not shocking.

    Running to get things done, FOR DEMOCRATS… even though she doesn’t live in the IL14 district she wants to represent.

    ERA Sue should have run as a democrat…

    voting to put boys in the girls bathrooms,

    voting to support boys competing in girls sports,

    voting for the corrupt gas tax bill now under pay to play investigation …


    getting it done alright.

  2. Watching Rezin’s debate performance made clear she is the ONE who can win and she has depth and conservative values. If Republicans want to win she is the one.

  3. Rezin needs to smell the coffee and quit lying over and over again.

  4. Linda Prestia you are an amazing fanatic.

    Like your precious statement that one has to be Catholic to really be pro-life, you just keeping making stuff up.

    (Wonder how the evangelical pastors who endorsed your guy Marter feel about that statement).

    The Illinois House and Senate has not even had a vote on transgenders in bathrooms, yet you spew such nonsense.

    You always demonize everyone your strident mind disagrees with in the slightest. You’ve become a super volcano of fake facts.

    The American Conservative Union rates Rezin with a cumulative 83% conservative rating which is an accurate reflection of where the majority of people of the district are and why Rezin can beat Underwood, while your boy Marter will lose his 5th election.

    The only association Rezin has with Democrats is that she beat four of them, badly.


    And such a hypocrite you are.

    Marter ran for Congress in a district far away from where he lives only two years ago.

    But now you write as if living a few miles outside the current boundaries is just awful.


    What a pair.

    Your tantrum already seems in full swing but it will only get worse because Marter will have yet another pathetic finish in the primary.

    You need an exorcism to force out your Bitterness demon.

  5. Herald decides sending your neighborhood cat lady to D.C., is not such a bad idea after all.

  6. I’d love to address the comments made by “freelance journalist” Ms. Prestia but in the spirit of professionalism I’ll simply say great work by the northwest daily herald on a job well done.

  7. hey Sheila, glad I got your liberal panties in a bunch.

    Rezin is a total RINO and hates Trump.

    That’s all a primary voter needs to know.

    Maybe you will need the exorcism after you realize after leaving your bubble that Rezin is NOT a Republican.

    Her iVote rated her Liberal.

  8. @Fade to Black, what is Rezin lying about?

    @Mike Price, the Daily Herald and Northwest Herald are separate newspapers.

    They are not even owned by the same people.

    This article is about the Daily Herald endorsing Rezin.

    I’m not sure what the Northwest Herald has done in terms of endorsements.

  9. More “Fake News” from Prestia.

    She should probably throw in the towel for this cycle and start focusing on Marter’s 6th run in 2022.

    If ya’ll start now he might just get 2nd or 3rd place in his next loss for whatever unattainable high office he decides to go for.

  10. We got somebody here saying Rezin does not live in the 14th District. So what. Law states that a US Representative merely must live in the same state. She lives pretty close to the 14th. Its not as if she lived in Cairo, Illinois over 300 miles from the 14th District.

  11. Rezin introduced a bill last Friday (curious timing? Why did she not do this in earlier years?):

    “Amends the Election Code. Requires a voter to present valid photo identification to vote. Makes conforming changes throughout the Code. Defines “photo identification” as an identification card issued by either the United States.”

    Democrats in general vehemently oppose voter photo ID. They obstruct measures to make the vote casting process better.

    According to Politifact:

    “In January 2019, congressional Democrats introduced HR 1, which could weaken states’ voter ID laws. For example, it could allow citizens in states that require voters to present government-issued photo IDs before casting ballots in federal elections to instead hand over a signed written statement, under the penalty of perjury, confirming their identity and eligibility to vote.

    No House Democrat voted against the bill, and no Republican voted in favor. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to bring it to a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate.”

  12. Mr O’s INEVITABILITY train is starting to derail at the worst possible time for him.

  13. Rezin voted to put men in girls bathrooms with the ERA vote.


    Marter is the only well versed well intended Conservative in this race!

  14. Super Volcano of fake facts: Rezin does not hate Trump.

    Rezin is on record many, many times in strong support of the President.

    In fact, her Democrat opponent for State Senate reelection in 2016 tried to bash Rezin for publicly supporting Trump in the media and put Rezin’s and Trump’s photos side by side in two mailings to voters that election.

    As counted by the McHenry County Blog, Rezin’s 20-page newspaper sent to Republican voters a few weeks ago mentioned Trump 20 times.

    That’s 20 more times than Marter’s brochures sent to voters because oh yes–he hasn’t sent any.

  15. The cow guy has the most money and this is a money occupation now.

    Not how much you’re paid, but how much you spend to get a prestigious title.

    We have a Billionaire Governor making 177k for his job.

    I Didn’t hear about him donating it or just taking $1, maybe he is buying new toilets for the mansion he took them out of to save taxes?

  16. Shiela, Run Around Sue is in support of Boys in Girls Bathrooms, or visa versa, that is a problem.

    She is also Endorsed by Adam Kinzinger, who worked with John McCain and was a carrier of the Fake Dossier.

    Adam Kinzinger still carries skidmarks of John McCain’s legacy and you would like us to think, if she mentions President Trump’s name 20 times, she is a supporter?

    Sounds like you Shiela, are a run around too, with facts.

  17. I love how you completely dismissed the nice comment they said about Lauf, they certainly didn’t mention ANY of the others but they mentioned her ..

  18. Jen, I didn’t dismiss anything.

    You’re thinking the Tribune editorial that said a nice mention of Catalina Lauf.

    Oberweis was mentioned by Tribune too.

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