Steve Reick’s Bill to Shift Child Protection from DCFS to McHenry County Board Makes Page 4 of Chicago Tribune

This time a story about State Rep. Steve Reick’s bill to mandate McHenry County’s take over of Department of Children and Family Services duties made page 4.

AJ Freund-inspired news continues to attract the attention of the Chicago Tribune.

The internet version of the article contains a photo of AJ playing outside on the grass with his toy cars.

He is wearing a Thomas, the Tank Engine, hat.

AJ Freund


Steve Reick’s Bill to Shift Child Protection from DCFS to McHenry County Board Makes Page 4 of Chicago Tribune — 12 Comments

  1. More grandstanding from Stevie Reick.

    I just hope the local cops quit giving him rides home when he’s sauced.

  2. I saw the picture of A.J. and first thought how could his “parents” do that to him?

    Then I wanted to kick the living $#!+ out of them both!

    Just saying!

  3. This is a brilliant start to legislation designed to correct a horrifying injustice.

    Part of this legislation needs to outlaw any Public Union from interference in or involvement with the employees of this new agency.

    This is a true service to some of the weakest members of our society and the Union is so corrupt it is attempting to get Acosta’s job back with back pay.

    This negligent fool should be charged with Negligent Homicide and Aiding and Abetting Murder and the corrupt Union wants him to have a job, taxpayer funded benefits and a retirement package worth millions.

    They have no moral compass and are a huge part of the systemic governmental problem.

    Start right here at home and protect children from the predations of the Union.

    Outlaw their involvement in the new agency.

    Watch your County Board members actions on this legislation.

    If they don’t insist on an independent County Agency then it’s yet one more strike against them.

    Every single board member needs to protect children from the State, it’s incompetence and it’s minions.

    Jack won’t.

    But Jacks a sold out minion and deviant.

    Look to your members.

    Contact them.

    Pressure is good.

  4. This sets the stage for having over 100 child protective agencies which sounds like an even bigger bureaucratic nightmare than what we have now.

    Why can’t we just find out what the problem with DCFS is and fix it?

    For example, if workers have too long hours, cut their hours and hire more people.

  5. Correcting, stating the obvious never works well here in Illinois.

    Creating a brand new bureaucracy when we are already bankrupt, with new leaders and authority, makes much better sense!

  6. I’m not sure if your comment was directed at mine or someone else’s, Cal, but in case it was, I’ll point out that there would be a good number of patronage jobs by creating entirely new local agencies.

    I see patronage and nepotism all over the place in local government.

    That aside, if being overworked is a major problem for these employees, that issue is going to come up whether it’s handled by state or local governments or whether they decide to do nothing.

    If someone’s only job is to protect children, the last thing I want is for them to be making life-or-death decisions when they’re not in a sound state of mind.

  7. Alabama? If you don’t see how every single item from the very beginning of this whole fairytale has been extremely suspicious, then I cannot help you. Nor can anyone. Keep watching your teevee and trustsing in the gobbledegook you are fed on a regular basis.

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