Durbin Pushed for Blagojevich Release

From the Chicago Tribune:

Dick Durbin at McHenry County College.

“the White House noted that Democrats such as Illinois’ senior senator, Dick Durbin, and veteran U.S. Reps. Bobby Rush and Danny Davis, along with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, had backed a shortened prison sentence for Blagojevich.”

Here’s what Durbin said today, according to the Chicago Tribune:

Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin: ‘Former Governor Blagojevich betrayed the people of Illinois and engaged in a pattern of corrupt behavior for which he was held accountable and which cost him more than seven years of freedom.

“‘At a time when corruption by elected officials is still in the headlines, Illinois and Washington should move quickly to establish stricter ethics requirements, including the full detailed disclosure of income, net worth, and income tax returns by all elected officials.’”


Durbin Pushed for Blagojevich Release — 5 Comments

  1. Of course, they did. Blago was their fall guy just like Denny Hastert. They are all hiding unbelievable wrongdoing. Periodically giving up one of their own for a slap on the wrist is just part of the way they do business.

  2. “giving up one of their own” How many of Trumps allies are in prison?

  3. Cindy is spot on.

    Who killed Epstein and Ms. Fuddy of Hawaiian birth certificate mystery?

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