GOP Holds Lincoln Day Dinner

Saturday night the McHenry County Republican Party held its Lincoln Day Dinner.

Current McHenry County College student and founder of the Turning Point USA Chapter at MCC, Alec Stone, had the “honor and privilege” of introducing Charlie Kirk to the packed room at D’Andrea’s Banquets in Crystal Lake. 

Kirk asked the crowd to join him in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Stone, who was celebrating his 19th birthday on Saturday. 

This will probably go down as one of Stone’s most memorable birthdays and one with the largest crowd.

GOP candidate for McHenry County Board Chairman, Mike Buehler  (front) hosted – among others – Illinois State Chairman Tim Schneider.

When Buehler was introduced, he received a standing ovation.

Another table had County Clerk Joe Tirio, Candidate for 52nd District State Rep., Marty McLaughlin, County GOP Vice Chair and County Board member Chuck Wheeler, Chairman Diane Evertsen, County GOP Secy. Karen Tirio, Dunham Township Committeeman Tyler Wilke, Kane County Chairman Ken Shepro, Guest Keynote Speaker Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA.

American Legion Post 491 Honor Guard Michael Wisniewski, US Army & Navy Veteran Lee Lexow, John Cherone & Jimmy Martinez, US Army Veterans, enter the event for posting of our colors. 

GOP County Chairman Diane Evertsen and event MC, State Senator Craig Wilcox, addressed the crowd. 

Wilcox brought forward information relative to legislation being planned in Springfield and an appeal for constituents to stay in contact with their elected representatives both here locally and in DC.

Evertsen noted the large number of events the Republicans have had over the past year and plans for the upcoming season. 

New participants are always welcome and encouraged to join in the fun.

Two local chapters of Turning Point USA had students in attendance at the GOP event. 

High school students from Marian Central Catholic formed a great contingent, as did the McHenry County College students.

The local McHenry County Republican Party appreciates the eagerness these students show in participating in elections and promoting candidates who share Republican values.  

Charlie Kirk with McHenry County Turning Point USA students.

Jim Oberweis presented Kirk with a donation in support of Turning Point USA which promotes smaller government, free markets and personal responsibility.


GOP Holds Lincoln Day Dinner — 11 Comments

  1. Heres to our new “McHenry County Reformer” Mike Buehler!

    A standing ovation well deserved and well earned!

  2. All hands on deck to help mike Buehler end the corrupt Jack Franks political career.

  3. GOP getting smaller and smaller. I wasn’t going to go this year after last year’s dull, spiritless affair.

    More vibes this year, but a gallows humor I didn’t care for.

    The young people were the best.

  4. MsTrumpion, I’m sure you mean that the GOP getting “smaller and smaller” it is due to the youth of the Turning Point USA chapters?.

    Looks like Linda Prestia is angling for her next, post-primary contract with Mike Buehler.

    Yo Ms. Prestia, why don’t you move from Carpentersville into McHenry County and have a more direct impact come the November election there?

  5. Mike Buehler is a beacon.

    With energetic young people stepping up, we can winnow out Joe (I love my county board paycheck and insurance), Mark (boohoo I lost) and Pam the pot Queen (I have so many paychecks to deposit I didn’t get back from the bank in time for the event) and Ken the County’s Metra rep couldn’t fit it into his busy schedule.

    Don’t worry it was an inspiring evening without you.

  6. I went before, never again.

    Get somebody in charge of the GOP who can actually do something but moan, groan and phone.

    Bravo Foxtrot — to the Max!

  7. TPUSA just siphons young people away from doing DIRECT activism for candidates and causes that TPUSA’s members might have otherwise done. Remember, TPUSA can not coordinate with or organize with candidates so you will never see them knocking on doors for some cause or candidate. It’s always something stupid like a diaper protest at a college. Wow bro you’re really making a difference.

    On the other hand, those young people may not have done that kind of work to begin with because of TPUSA’s TRUE NATURE. That group is NOT about educating students about the free market. It’s about clout, booze, and hookups. Everybody in the inner-circle knows this. It’s only old gullible Republican boomers who just think it’s good that young people are getting involved in something maybe vaguely right-wing.

    Just look at the behavior of founder Charlie Kirk himself, who doesn’t care one lick about local or state politics. Kirk lets his village burn while he goes on Fox News with Don Jr and the former first lady of California because he “thinks” he’s part of something “bigger.” I doubt that he sincerely believes that, but even if you accept it on its face just look at the results.

    Young people like socialism MORE since Kirk’s group got active. If their one job is to educate people about the dangers of big government and socialism, they are objective failures. That should really be the beginning and end of the evaluation of Kirk. Why old Republican boomers still give him money and invite him to events defies logic.

    I suspect that YAAS (Young Americans Against Socialism) was started up as a “fail safe” in case TPUSA totally collapsed. There have already been lots of scandals in TPUSA from sex stuff, to racism, to poor taste comments, to pissing off the far right, and other things. You can only have so much of that before donors go running, and the same money and people are behind both groups.

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