McConchie on Blagojevich: “Justice Has Been Shortchanged” — 14 Comments

  1. Which mean, the people of Illinois have been shortchanged.

    Blagojevich, should not have been the only focus of the FBI at that time.

    Individuals in law enforcement, believed there were dirty agents in the Rockford and Chicago offices.

    Perhaps, that is why the Director of the Chicago office resigned and is now living in California and working in his cushy job at Disneyland.

    Hopefully, justice will finally prevail for the sake of the people.

  2. With all due respect to Senator McConchie, I don’t believe that that POS Blagojevich has ever shown ANY remorse whatsoever for his actions.

    For the extortion against Children’s Memorial Hospital alone, he should have been boiled in oil and THEN shot!

    We have had some worthless governors in this state, but Blago was an all time low.

    He gives slime a bad rap.

  3. Even tonight, Blagojevich, is still telling the press he is innocent.

    He will never change.

  4. Rapists and armed robbers get less sentenced time in prison than Blago. How much time should Bill Clinton get for his rape of Jaunita Broderick back in the 80’s? Juanita very clearly documented that crime against her and MUST be listened to. This was Hillary Clinton’s advice to women who had/have been violated. Juanita described that crime to a woman reporter on a prominent network news channel in a one hour prime-time special.

  5. “Eleven years ago, I voted to convict and remove a member of my own party who abused his office to further his own re‑election.

    I wish that Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate had shown similar courage when a leader in their party abused his office to further his own re-election.

    If that had happened, we would not be dealing with this today.
    It is some comfort, however, that my motion to bar our former governor from ever holding public office again means he will no longer be able to abuse the public trust.”

    State Treasurer Mike Frerichs

  6. This is a LOW day for law abiding citizens, this POC was just added to the pile of our corruption in this hole of a state, as he has learned nothing ..

    Strutting around saying i was never guilty…

    Karma is a real *&^%H, , the “w” one has to wonder what she promised Da Man must have been good…

    This is shameful..

    this just sets the prescidence along with smollet walking around free.


    I see a future of more corruption coming….

    May be smollet can hire this poc to keep him outta jail…

    You do the Crime you do the TIME!

    I don’t care who you are poor judegment does not excuse inexcusable law breaking.. doh!

  7. @Paul Revere “This is an eye poke by Trump to Comey. Simple as that”

    Explain to us just how that works.

    Blago was in the cross hairs of the FBI well before 2009 when he was impeached.

    He was convicted and then sentenced on December 7th (appropriate even if it wasn’t a surprise) 2011.

    Comey was appointed FBI director in September 2013.

    Tied it all together for us, Paul.


  8. ** This is an eye poke by Trump to Comey.**

    LOL – Comey literally had no role in Blago’s case.

  9. Wow, you Blago haters are kinda kooky. Blago is good now and on our side. Trump was a playboy once. Now he’s great, too. You gotta look at things from the macro-level. Why did the globalist elite want Blago eliminated? His book was lame, and I did wish it got into something real. Maybe Blago will really tell all now.

    Is anybody really not gonna vote for Trump because of this? Answer: NO! Look who’ll be the Demo nominee: a full fledged Commie …. not a crypto-Commie like Brennan or Comey, but an actual USSR-certified one.

    Grow up people and look ahead not back!

  10. 14 years for Blagovich, but 6 for Chicago gang banging murderers?


    He really was political prisoner.

  11. Blago ain’t so bad.

    he Club Fed did him good.

    And a great tan!

    Can’t wait til he unloads on Franks and Obama, and of course Sweet Michelle.

    He called Oprah Winfrey. “A Big Fat Felon” and then Karma, he became one too.

    I support Trump’s decision.

    Loopy Lightyfoot called it a national disgrace.

    But so is she!

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