Skililcorn Disagrees with Trump’s Decision on Blagojevich

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Skillicorn Respectfully Disagrees with President Trump on the Commutation of Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich and the rat poster.

Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn respectfully disagrees with President Trump’s commutation of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich sentence.

“Trump is one of the most productive Presidents I’ve seen in years and I commend him for all the good he is doing for our country,” Skillicorn said.

“However, I must respectfully disagree with his commutation of former Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich sentence.

“Blagojevich deserved to serve the full term for his reign of destruction as Governor of Illinois and his abuse of the public trust.”


Skililcorn Disagrees with Trump’s Decision on Blagojevich — 9 Comments

  1. Demented dentblah was a great disappointment to his parents and creditors.

    No Trump supporter is not going to not vote for Trump, but Trump gains some odd segments of the voting population: Serb nationalists, people fed up with a crooked justice dept., Blago democrats all over the country, etc.

    Blago was punished for exposing the homosexual cabal in the deep state.

    Ask Obama and Arne Duncan and little dancer Rahm all about it.

  2. Well there are a lot of us who Disagree with him…& this shameful act… to the law abiding citizens in this State!

    As we try to struggle to cleanse this state of corruption we just got piled on more…

    Disappointed for sure!

    Terrible decision.

  3. I find it very hard to imagine “dentbla” is more of a disappointment to his creditors than your hero Donald the Defaulter.

    With multiple bankruptcies and literally hundreds of non payment liens, Donald owes more money than anyone in history.

  4. Wow, you Blago haters are kinda kooky. Blago is good now and on our side. Trump was a playboy once. Now he’s great, too. You gotta look at things from the macro-level. Why did the globalist elite want Blago eliminated? His book was lame, and I did wish it got into something real. Maybe Blago will really tell all now.

    Is anybody really not gonna vote for Trump because of this? Answer: NO! Look who’ll be the Demo nominee: a full fledged Commie …. not a crypto-Commie like Brennan or Comey, but an actual USSR-certified one.

    Grow up people and look ahead not back!

  5. Doe Joey K really believe his nonsense?

    Does “Toilet Bowl State”?

    You people are pathetic.

  6. Skills thought he had to pile on for ‘the base’

    But guess what?

    The base likes Blago!

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