DeWitte Comments on Pritzker’s Budget Speech

From State Senator Don DeWitte:

DeWitte reacts to Budget Address

Springfield, IL… State Senator Don DeWitte (St. Charles) released the below statement following the Governor’s Budget Address:

Don DeWitte

“Increasing the budget by $1.6 billion while relying on the Governor getting his massive tax increase is completely irresponsible.

“What’s even more concerning are the threats being made to education, Medicaid, and local governments if he doesn’t get the tax increase he’s been calling for.

“The cycle of spend more, tax more must be over.

“We cannot continue to blame the previous administration for our state’s fiscal calamity, and we certainly cannot continue to ignore the pension albatross that strangles our ability to fund government responsibly.”


DeWitte Comments on Pritzker’s Budget Speech — 5 Comments

  1. Dithering DeWitte, a RINO enabler. Talks BIG, doesn’t do sh___.

  2. This guy is a real sham.

    A perfect example of how weak the GOP is as the state goes down the tubes.

  3. DeWitte a RINO that voted yes on the gas tax.

    Then on TV praising his buddy thug Senator Martin Sandoval for all the hard work.

    Hope the Feds are looking at their exchanges.

  4. “The cycle of spend more, tax more must be over.”

    Then why did Don DeWitte endorse a person who prides herself over working across the aisle instead of the person who actually says NO to the cycle of spending and taxing more?

    Don, do you think Pritzker and the Democrats are interesting in moving towards your position?

    Are they interested in compromising their position and accepting a little bit of yours?

    Are they interested in anything you have to say? Do they need your votes?

    Do they need your input?

    No, they will CRUSH you like a BUG.

    They will never move towards you, it is expected that you move towards them.

    Dems are going to keep strong-arming you, and you recognize that Republicans should stand up to them, but Schofield thinks the problem in Springfield is that Republicans (particularly Skillicorn) aren’t willing ENOUGH to work with Democrats.

    Your endorsement of Schofield makes no sense.

    You owe us an explanation.

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