Fox River Grove Red Light Camera Provides Almost $1 Million

Fox River Grove has a red light camera endangered by a David McSweeney bill.

Here’s what the Village of Fox River Grove got as a result of Red Light Camera fines:

RedSpeed Revenue

FY10 $ 444,388.00
FY11 $ 291,689.17
FY12 $ 488,822.53
FY13 $ 765,365.00
FY14 $ 656,000.00
FY15 $ 655,855.65
FY16 $ 654,894.90
FY17 $ 792,994.74
FY18 $ 814,656.19
FY19 $ 968,765.52

That’s 11.6% of village revenue.


Fox River Grove Red Light Camera Provides Almost $1 Million — 14 Comments

  1. This is the effect of people with learning disabilities.

    Get me once shame on you.

    Get me twice shame on me.

  2. If a driver blows through a red light, he/she deserves a ticket and fine. Not enough attention given to stop signs. Too many drivers do not come to a complete stop at these including some who roll right through.

    Only the reckless and dopes blow through a red light. And, these are the dumbest of dumb being that red light intersections are marked and are well known.

  3. Paul, do ya think it’s about the money?

    They can only collect if you get caught.

    I had a friend complain his daughter got 3 in a six month period at that intersection.

    Who is to blame, the camera or his daughter.

    After the first one she just didn’t learn.

    By the revenue generated it looks like more people just don’t learn.

  4. Dumpy little town making big off of unsuspecting people making a simple right hand turn…

    no wonder they were able to build a mausoleum to themselves as village hall/Police dept building.

    Stop the highway robbery–no one’s “blowing through” that intersection, its impossible to without making a stop.

    They’re flogging people for not stopping on a line, or not sitting for a certain amount of time.


    God Bless you Mr McSweeney.

    God dang you Sandoval and hope you get the 14 years Blago got.

    He didnt steal from the People, you did.

    Can we get a comment on all this from the Fox River Grove Village President?

  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about red light cameras.

    In a few years, the technology will be so good that the tollway authority will be able to tell what speed you’re driving the entire time you’re on the highway, take your picture, and mail you a speeding ticket.

    A few years after that, the technology will be cheap enough to use on the interstates, and then at the local level.

    George Orwell didn’t have a clue.

  6. Steve Wilson hit on something. Interstates such as I90 are like wild west movies. Try just going the speed limit 70 mph in the right lane and some bozo will likely be on your rear bumper wanting you to go faster. Going at 70 not fast enough for some drivers. Appears they are going 80 or more in the left lane and other lanes.

    But hey. Maybe the Democrat controlled State could start doing something to address the enormous government pension funds’ shortfall. Would not be rocket science to put in software in the toll collection system to determine when drivers who pay two or more tolls on a single trip are speeding over 70 mph. Using time-of-day that a driver passes through each toll plaza, Toll Authority can determine average speed between toll plazas. Any driver having a higher than 70 mph average would get a fine assessed against his Toll account per device on the windshield.

    What would be a fair fine? Ten dollars for each mph over 70? So a driver with an average of 75 would be fined $50, if average is 80, then $100 fine. At higher than 80, than $20 for each mph over 70. So a 85 mph average would pay $300 fine.

    All of these fines would go toward lowering the pension fund deficits. Those not paying fines would be subject to losing their driver’s license.

    Tollway software of course could be set up for fines when exceeding whatever is the speed limit between toll booths.

    Signs could be put up along I90 Toll road, and other Toll roads in Illinois stating, “Exceed Speed Limit, Pay for Huge Pensions”.

  7. Only in Illinois could the sheep-people put up w/ this racket for so long.

    I can’t believe how many “GOP” legislators were all for this scam 3 years ago.

    Start w/ Steve Reick and the Lurkin’ Durkin.

  8. Some evidence that Steve Reick was for red light cameras, please.

    He was not there when it passed, as opposed to Jack Franks, who voted for it.

  9. The Kansas Turnpike used to handle tolls differently back in the day.

    You’d pick up a time-stamped ticket when you entered, and you gave your ticket to the toll collector when you exited.(There weren’t many entrances and exits, and they were pretty far apart)

    There was usually a cop at the exit, and you’d get a ticket if your average speed was too high.

    Hot rodders soon learned to pull over and rest for a bit before they got off.

  10. Did Reick even stop at red lights?

    I mean isn’t that how he got DUI pinched in Springfield?

  11. Steve is right on target here. That is the ONLY reason they are willing to “do away” with them. It’s old technology. They already have it covered and the sheeple will think they are getting somewhere by getting these illegal redlight cameras removed.

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