Leslie Schermerhorn Questions McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ Fitness for Holding Office

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks was the target of several critics at Tuesday night’s Board meeting.

One was Leslie Schermerhorn, Regional Supt. of Schools, one of the three Republican countywide office holders whom Franks has tried to badger out of office.

Leslie Schermerhorn’s Remarks

Good evening citizens, members of the County Board and Mr. Franks,

My position providing support to education in McHenry County is very fulfilling.

Leslie Schermerhorn

With several degrees in education, 14 years as educator and being a lawyer, I have always felt this position was a culmination of all my professional experiences.

May 1 will begin my 8th year as Regional Superintendent.

I am proud of all that my office and I have accomplished over these years.

● We have restructured the truancy department to follow truancy cases in
an internally designed data base getting more students in school.
● I have applied for and received a grant that allows our most at-risk
students to have career skills and manufacturing training.
● I applied for and received a $650,000 Federal grant to educate our
students, families and community about the opiod crisis and other
substance abuse issues in our county
● The Regional Office assists teachers and paraprofessionals in obtaining
their certificates and renewing them. We maintain a substitute bank.
● The Office provided Professional Development for Teachers and

This is just part of what the ROE does.

As I mentioned, this position is very fulfilling given my dedication to students, teachers and education in our county.

In 2016, my work environment changed.

I was harassed and threatened by Mr. Franks.

I caught on fast to avoid a meeting alone with him.

I always brought a witness.

If fact, last fall, Mr. Frank’s assistant called to set up a budget meeting with Mr. Franks.

I informed her that my Assistant Supt. Would be joining me.

She called back saying Jack only invited me.

I sent an email back cancelling the meeting.

On September 28, 2018, Mr. Franks contacted the principal of the Regional Safe School demanding information.

The principal, my employee, referred Franks to speak with me.

Mr. Franks claimed he was the principal’s boss, he would have the principal’s certificates revoked and he knew James Meeks (the
ISBE Board President at that time).

The demands were menacing and peppered with expletives.

I have been in multiple County Board committee and Board meetings depicted as a major crime.

No money was lost, nor was there any fraud involved.

As a result, Mr. Franks eliminated our office bookkeeper position.

At the October 16, 2018 McHenry County Board meeting, Mr. Franks
threatened me with setting up an ad hoc committee on me personally.

Now, there is the non-binding referendum on the ballot.

What is the purpose of the question when the County Chair nor County Board has any jurisdiction over a State office?

County Board members, as the decision makers for McHenry County,
I am asking you to seriously consider the fitness of Mr. Franks to continue
serving as County Board Chair.

Thank you!


Leslie Schermerhorn Questions McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ Fitness for Holding Office — 12 Comments

  1. Clearly, Jack Franks has a history of bullying and retaliation.


  2. It seems Jack Darrow has a growing number of serious issues to deal with.

  3. Mrs Schermerhorn is correct and kudo’s to her for standing up to this idiot in my opinion.

  4. Assuming he is innocent until proven guilty, at the very least, he should understand that his effect and influence on his peers has outlived his usefulness.

    Go away.

  5. OK, but C’mon, her own ‘job’ is a crazy sinecure, on a par w/ township assessors and supervisors. Don’t distract from your own uselessness Leslie!

  6. Agree with Pete.

    Leslie. Schermerhorn was very brave; she’s put up with a lot.

    Where were the McHenry County board members,the ladies who are supposed to take their responsibilities seriously? that they should be accountable to the people who elected them, not the chairman.

    Althoff politicking,
    making a useless statement about getting an opinion from the State’s Attorney; Ms. Parrish rambling with vague statistics not relevant to the county and being very careful not to even address the issue of the chairman.

    how disappointing; veteran Board number Barnes silent.

    Ness predictable.

    Many thanks to Chuck Wheeler Jim Kearns and others who stood up.

    And to Donna Kurtz who laid it right out there.

    You will prevail.

  7. Tracker2, quit huffing Pam oven cleaner.

    Nothing is going to happen.

    Franks will skate.

    And he’ll do so because he can bring down too many others.

    County Board RINOs like prate and prattle about “how terrible” it all is, yet they are totally inept and afraid of their own shadows and won’t lift a finger if it endangers their pathetic little troughs in which to guzzle slops.

    Kenneally is the logjam in getting anything accomplished in McHenry Co.

    Ask Co. Bd. Member Bates why she cries in the mirror so much.

    She loves the gold-plated health insurance and parades around town like a grandee.

  8. Schermerhorn comes from a long line of GOP do-nothings.

    That’s how she landed her do-nothing position.

    Ask her what she really does all day!

  9. Yes, Franks must go.

    Yes, Leslie needs to get a real job.

    Yes, Leslie, you are a leech, too.

    You and Franks can have a debate about who’s the bigger leech.

    I really need both of you to quit sucking my blood!

  10. To my knowledge, there are about 4 County Board members who are worth a damn.

    And guess what, Acosta ain’t one of ’em.

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