NWH Editor Jon Styf Accepts the John Pletz Challenge to Cover Negative Comments about Jack Franks at County Board Meeting

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NWH Editor Jon Styf Accepts the John Pletz Challenge to Cover Negative Comments about Jack Franks at County Board Meeting — 14 Comments

  1. Styf …………..

    what about all the stories you spike after Franks yells at you and threatens to cut your allowance?

  2. Jon Styf, born a garbage skow on the River Styx.

    He’s a less-than-skilled scribbler of fake news.

    But the din from readers asking for some truth on the Fiddler on the roof got too loud.

    And Styf promised Pletz a scrap or two when he could throw a ‘quick story’

    But the scrap never came bc Franks said NO!

    And Styf went back to Red Lobster for a new bib.

  3. I relieved myself of that filthy rag ages ago, In the Petersen era of the NWH. Didn’t Petersen have a breakdown?

  4. In my opinion Styf is either a incompetent idiot or using his position for some kind of financial benefit in his efforts in hiding the truth from the public.

  5. Styf is a joke.

    Never fairly reported any of the trash at Algonquin Township.

    So tired of it.

    Pink man bad.

    We will cut our levy again this year.

  6. Styf was offered an Editors job I thought a few months ago, and accepted it, maybe even in Springfield—but then suddenly turned it down and stayed at the NWH.

    Enquiring minds are curious as to what changed.

    A job opening was even posted in the NW Herald for the Editor’s position.

  7. Bob, go ask Pops Franks, he ‘loaned’ the sinking Shaw rag some dough, and with that goes editorial clout.

    The Franks have always abused their clout.

    I’m glad Blagojevich stood up to Franks and his kin in not doling out more clout to them.

    Bravo Blago!

    I’m sure he has much to tell us about Jacko.

    I suppose it’s possible, given Franks’ latest ‘legal problems’ he mind wind up in Blago’s very Colorado cell.

    Delicious Irony!

    Wouldn’t it be!

  8. So the poll question of the day was about BLAGO one day after is sentence communed.

    Was there ever a poll question on Jacko stepping down?


    How about a poll question should Jacko have an escort?


    Why because we know the NWH is biased to Jacko!

    Whether you like Gasser or not he is right about the coverage!

    But of course when they do write about Jacko it is with very little hard hitting by any means!

    Jacko supports Carlos!

    Underwood actually asked for Jacko to step down!

    Where is Casten?

    Where is the Democratic Party?

  9. Of course Jacko was not on the front page again today!

    Two days of Blago!

    Way to not make it front page!

    NWH is a joke!

  10. Pinkman “We will cut our levy again this year.”

    Really, why couldn’t you have lowered it more last year.

    oh yeah, legal fees.

    How much more could you have saved us with out your political payback agenda, and general ignorance?

    Maybe you can get your spin doctors to write another BS article about how it’s never your fault.

  11. I challenge John Pletz to stop protecting RINOs, traitors to our party and Jack Franks’ minions.

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