U.S. Senate GOP Primary Heats Up

This is a press release from U.S. Senate candidate Tom Tartar:

Never-Trumper Mark Curran Blames President Trump for Losing His Election and Said He is “Horrible”

4 Weeks from Election Day, Curran Desperately Trying to Cover Up His Past Trump Attacks

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Mark Curran, who has been a Never-Trumper from day one, now is doing his best to explain himself on Facebook for outrageous comments he made to WBBM Newsradio 780 AM in 2018 and at an illegal immigration rally in 2015.

Curran, as described by the Daily Herald as someone “scowling,” has gone off the deep end on social media regarding his past actions and comments.

The scowling Curran has repeatedly said that other Republicans, including Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, made negative comments about President Trump. What Mr. Curran does not mention is that Senators Graham and Cruz only spoke about Trump negatively before he was the Republican nominee for President in 2016, but have supported our President since he was elected. Curran chose to go on a public Never-Trump rant on WBBM more than 2 years into his presidency.

Tom Tartar

Quote from Dr. Tom Tarter
“What is outrageous to me is the fact that Curran doesn’t own his own mistakes.

From a public prayer trying to ‘save President Trump from hell’ in 2015, to blaming his election loss on Trump in 2018, to the fact that he was a Democrat who started his political career in 2006 with support from folks who oppose our conservative agenda.

Frankly, Republican voters that support President Trump can’t in good conscience nominate a candidate who publicly bashed him a year ago but now conveniently has changed his tune.

I am the only true President Trump-supporting conservative in this race.

Any attempt by Mr. Curran to rebrand himself as a Trump supporter must be compared to his record, and his record is that of a Never-Trumper.”

Mark Curran on President Trump

  • In 2018, before losing his Lake County Sheriff re-election campaign Curran said to WBBM Newsradio, “’We, as Republicans should probably look to take him out in some way, shape, or form because ultimately, he’s horrible for our brand.’ ‘So, if he’s the future of our party, put a fork in it.”’ [1]
  • In 2015, while participating in an illegal immigration protest in Chicago, Curran led the audience in a prayer to save Trump “from the fires of hell and said that Trump was ‘blind.’” [2]

[1] WBBM, 11/7/2018
[2] Chicago Tribune, 9/19/2015

About Dr. Tom Tarter: Dr. Tom Tarter is a nationally-recognized surgeon who has focused his career on serving the people of Illinois as a renowned urologist and cancer surgeon, medical researcher and professor, and now as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. Dr. Tarter is a national leader in the treatment of urologic cancer who has provided care and treatment to patients in Illinois hospitals and cancer centers for the last 23 years. Residents of Central Illinois for 23 years, Dr. Tarter and his wife, Julie, have been long-time supporters of the Sangamon County Republican Party. They have 3 adopted sons, twins Andrei and Nikolai, and Sergei.


U.S. Senate GOP Primary Heats Up — 7 Comments

  1. Good bye dummmy Curran. Maybe you’ll get a job if the election is rigged and Bernie wins. You can be ambassador to Grenada!

  2. Curran is like so very man RINOs. At least the democrats don’t feign to be honest, decent or good.


    Keep flooding the swamp so it never gets drained of scum like you!

  4. Hubbard has been in the news lately too for claiming to bring a gun into a school in a Facebook video. Then she changed her story and said she didn’t have a gun but she brought in ammo.

    When I read stories about our state’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, it always sounds like the author is not describing a major political party but some strange third party that’s full of freaks.

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