IL-14: Anthony Catella Writes Letter to Republican Voters

From 14th District Republican candidate Anthony Catella to local primary voters:

To My Fellow Illinois 14th District Republicans,

My Name is Anthony L. Catella of St. Charles, Illinois, Precinct 18 and District 14.

I am a candidate for Congress of the 14th Congressional District.

Throughout this campaign, I have walked and ridden in parades and I’ve enjoyed, waving to crowds of friendly people, shaking hands, knocking on doors and introducing myself to you my fellow citizens, asking for your signature on my petition for the ballot.

Anthony Catella at Algonquin Trump rally.

I’ve had no trouble at all telling you, who I am and what I stand for.

I can with confidence, look you in the eye and say “My name is Anthony Catella and I’m running for Congress”.

I am running to stand boldly and publicly for the right principles on your behalf.

I stand for the humble and just use of power, bi-partisanship, term limits and order with justice under law.

This campaign, as all campaigns are, is the essence of our representative and popular government.

There are seven of my fellow citizens running for this district, men and women who like myself are concerned and committed to run for office.

All candidates are among the 1% of the population who dare to make the effort to run for office.

Many of you, my fellow citizens may well have determined in your minds for whom you will vote on
March 17, 2020.

This is your right as citizens in our free and popular government, as handed down to us by the founding fathers.

I am simply writing to ask you to kindly consider voting for me, and give you reasons why you would want to vote for me.

It is February, the new year 2020 is here. The super-bowl is over and I hope your team won! As we now move into the last month of this primary campaign we move toward the date of an electoral “super-bowl” if you will, the primary election Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I ask you to tune into and type my name on the search bar: Anthony Catella.

Then you may listen to one of my many messages on air in which I share with you who I am, where I come from, what I stand for and believe in.

I believe in principles that are good, decent, just and redemptive.

A principle that is good is a balanced budget.

A principle that is decent is health care that our citizens can afford, a principle that is redemptive is that as human beings made in the divine image we all have equal dignity under the law.

A principle that is just is we all have an equal chance with equal opportunity, this does not mean everyone is the same in ability, talent or wealth it does mean that all of us have equal opportunity to develop our talents and abilities and create wealth.

I am confident that you will concur with many or even all of that which I have to say as the considered viewpoint of a fellow American with one purpose in mind, to serve my country.

As I will on March 8th celebrate a birthday which gives me now as many years as the flag has stars, I humbly hope on March 17, 2020 (St. Patrick’s Day) you’ll go to the polls and give me a victory as big as this 14th Congressional Distinct of Illinois!

March 17th is a special day for me because it was on this date one score and five years ago (25 years ago) in 1995 when I graduated from Army basic training and Military Police School, at Fort McClellan, AL and thus commenced my career in service to this great county of ours.

It has been an honor to do my duty for my country.

Duty, Honor, Country, these three beloved words are my guide posts in life.

As a Soldier and as a Priest I have been guided by a sense of duty to honor my country and above all give glory to God.

I am an avid volunteer in such activities as The Civil Air Patrol and the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Memorial Squad.

I am particularly proud of my State commission as a captain in the 2nd Brigade of the Indiana Guard Reserve. I am determined to recommission in the U.S. Army Reserve and continue to serve our country as an Army Chaplain. I am motivated by a sense of duty and responsibility.

You see my dear citizens, I believe in service to the ideals of faith and freedom.

Anthony Catella

Now why would you vote for Anthony Catella?

For one thing, I served under the stars and stripes in the United States Army and I can serve under this same stars and stripes of ours in the United States Congress.

I am a candidate who so far, is not running on a single campaign donation, however I must honestly disclose, I’ve received one campaign donation of $25.00 from the generosity of my employer, Mr. Jim Bobick, Proprietor of Trader John’s Outpost in South Elgin, IL. I am very grateful to him and his wife for this one donation. Truth be known I have opened a campaign fund with this as my first donation. This is the only donation to date otherwise I’ve been self funding my campaign.

Let’s make history together and vote for a candidate who is running not merely on money, but on the vote of the American citizen.

It doesn’t cost a single penny to vote, we do not even have to pay a poll tax anymore, thanks to the 24th amendment to the constitution.

Yet it costs millions to run for office.

I have not spent millions.

I seek your confidence and with your help we can make history and elect a man who is truly one of the people.

I work for a living and I volunteer.

I now volunteer to be your next Congressman. As I volunteered to be a soldier, I consider a term in Congress as an enlistment of service.

I am enlisting to be your soldier in Congress and to fight your battles.

As my commander your job is to give me my marching orders and I will move out smartly and draw fire.

As a former Priest, I have experience with shepherding a flock.

This district could be as my parish and you my fellow citizens as my parishioners.

Many of our fellow citizens have been concerned over the years about the growing influence of government, high taxes and a diminishment of individual liberty.

My big job in Congress, should you elect me, will be to see that our liberty and our freedom remain as strong and as sound as they were when our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and thence went forth to fight and win our war for American liberty and freedom.

I have been a soldier and a Priest.

These two callings best represent God and country, faith and freedom.

God and country have been the two lodestars which have always inspired and guided me. A soldier and a priest are willing to lay down their lives for their Country and their God.

I’ve been both.

This laying down of one’s life does not always mean physical death, although there are times when it does, it mostly means living for others first and for self, second.

This is the essence of service above self.

I’ve been ever guided by the seven Army values; loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Again the question: Why would you vote for Anthony Catella?

Consider the question.

I believe in honesty and that transparency and solid judgment are essential qualities to lead with integrity.

I conceive myself to be a citizen soldier statesman, man of faith dedicated to the American way of truth and justice and I am honor and duty bound to fulfill this vitally needed role.

As a taxpayer and as one who is employed in a small business and retail store, I believe that jobs and lower taxes bring forth fiscal stability and these issues are at the heart of your interests as citizens of this district.

I believe above all in faith and freedom.

Faith because we are believers in the Almighty God.

Freedom, because that same Father God of ours has endowed us with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and has blessed us with the abilities of intellect and will to govern ourselves with reason and justice.

We are a nation standing rock solid upon the granite foundation of the ideals of faith and freedom, ideals defended by heroes named Abraham Lincoln, Adlai Stevenson, Everett Dirksen and Ronald Reagan, and the heroes from countless families such as yours, and mine who have themselves rendered service to the nation.

We stand upon this rock solid foundation of faith and freedom which has made the United States of America, one Nation under God.

This above all guarantees our peace, prosperity and our progress.

“If we ever forget we’re a “Nation under God”, said Ronald Reagan, “we’ll then be a nation gone under,” surely my fellow citizens we must guard against such a fate and ensure a destiny of dignity under a sun of glory that spreads and scatters its circling light upon everyone, everywhere.

Having thus declaimed the forgoing sentiments to you my fellow citizens, I ask that when you go to the
polls on Primary day, Tuesday March 17, 2020, at your polling places in your precincts, that you will kindly consider giving me your hand, your voice and your vote.

I will return your trust and should I become the nominee for congress. I shall go forward to win in November and in January 2021, with your anointing, take my oath of office as your Congressman, an oath identical to the one I took as a Soldier.

My fellow Americans and Illinoisans, I will be your voice, your hand and your vote, faithfully serving you as your Representative in the Congress of the United States of America.


Anthony L. Catella
Candidate for Congress, IL-14


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  1. Army rules are his guidance?


    This guy should be an ICE district leader.

  2. Whats not to like?

    Very well written…

    He’s been a Priest and is an Army Chaplain.

    High on Integrity, God, and Country.

    Surprising he’s only had one official campaign contribution.

  3. The issue of his non-schizophrenia will be addressed in a separate 34-page letter. Can’t wait to read that letter. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, 256 days, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. Angel, what about the dangerous progression of your various mental illnesses?

  5. Anthony is that special kind of candidate that everyone likes and respects but does not fear.

    No denying he is a gentleman and a patriot.

    God Bless him.

  6. Catella, the Happy Fella.

    I can’t vote for anybody with “Cat” in their name, and that goes for Catalina, too!

    See, I’m consistent!

  7. Well, Catella for Congress and Catalina for Congress. When I first met Catalina on the campaign trail I introduced myself by saying, “Catalina for Congress, meet Catella for Congress.” I am sure it was a good run for her as I know it was for me. Thanks Cal for posting my letter. In politics it takes all kinds and one meets all kinds, While I like everyone, not everyone will always agree but I will always be good natured. I remember in High School 33 years ago when I first started taking leadership and speaking roles, I was concerned that some of my friends would not understand and make fun of me, and my uncle told me this is why most of the population do not step forward to be leaders because of the craven fear of being great. So 33 years later I spent the better half of a year campaigning for the US Congress. And behold, a fellow HS classmate of mine saw my website and emailed me to say He always knew I had it in me. Thanks old friend.As for the future I have faith in Anthony Catella, I have faith in Illinios, I have faith in America because I have faith in God. Thank you and many blessings to you all! Tic TOC TIC TOC!

  8. Hi Mr. Catella,

    I met you at the Military Surplus store in Elgin.

    Email me.

    Jeff W.

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