Precautionary Escort Requested for Franks in County Complex

Here are the comments of Woodstock resident Richard Rostron to the McHenry County Board:

McHenry County Courthouse

“My name is Richard Rostron.

“I live here in Woodstock.

“I’ve risen to the difficult task of recommending that the same precautions employed in the state capital, whereby, Chairman Franks is required to have a State Police escort while on the capital grounds, that those precautions are also reasonable here on McHenry County government property.

“I recognize that, so far, these are merely allegations of criminal sexual abuse, criminal sexual assault, official misconduct, stalking and aggravated battery.

“However, I would point out that both Speaker Madigan’s office and the Illinois State Police have referenced “sufficient probable cause” in regards to these allegations.

“I would also point out that, while I understand that Chairman Franks has denied the allegations, when similar allegations are brought, for instance, against a teacher, it is seen as prudent to put the teacher in question on administrative leave.

“That seems an equally prudent course of action for the McHenry County Board to consider.

“But, in the interest of safety and financial security for County employees and elected officials, as well as for Chairman Franks, himself, insisting on an escort for the Chairman while on County government property is the minimal precaution that should be taken.”


Precautionary Escort Requested for Franks in County Complex — 32 Comments

  1. That’s great.

    Never happen, but a great idea to throw out in public^

  2. Well said Mr Rostron!

    Franks and other assorted individuals in McHenry County, Township and Municipal governments feel they are above the law.

    They then in my humble opinion, use their relationships with the States Attorney Kenneally and Northwest Herald’s Styf to avoid both prosecution and public scrutiny.

    Franks, like any other public official or employee should be placed on leave until the matter is resolved.

  3. If any of the women in the Courthouse complex have been harassed by Mr. Franks in the past, I can assure you that would be so intimidated to never say a word.

    I thought that our society had come to grips with this sort of issue and that the person alleged to be the perpetrator of such deeds would be relieved of all duty until the case was resolved.

    Please do the right thing Mr. Franks,and stand down, your reputation precedes you!

  4. This is one of the dumbest things I have seen in a while.

    People actually charged with crimes do not need escorts in the buildings, but Franks, who has not been charged with any crimes, does?

    Pure partisan nonsense.

  5. He is after all nothing but a weasel and everybody knows it.

  6. A search on the internet revealed interesting information.

    WP Original Wirepoints ”

    Updated: slimiest campaign in Illinois” as you read this you may see a resemblance between this type of campaigning and one we’ve seen recently in McHenry County, in this article, you’ll also see that on September 12th 2017, this particular State Rep announced her decision not to run for re-election – just about the same time another familiar State Rep made known his decision not to run for re-election.

    Was there some collaboration here?

  7. I am not sure Sheriff Prim, can initiate an escort for Franks, but I am sure the State Police can.

    After all isn’t Franks, Prim’s Boss?

  8. Who does the “escorting” when he’s in Springfield?

    Uninformed State Police?

    …so it would be a County Sheriff or Correctional Officer while at the County Building or Courthouse.

    Or is an escort defined as simply,someone else walking and being with him at all times.

    Either way, all these folks making public statements and appearances on the matter can only be adding to Mr Franks demise.

    Too bad the NW Herald buries any mention of it, in recent addition a blurb about Buehlers comments on it to the Board showed way down within a story about County members mileage reimbursement.

    What gives Styf, the people want to know the real news…

  9. I stand slightly corrected on Styf, Editor at NW Herald.

    Todays edition does feature a front page story on Franks by Drew Zimmerman.

    Not an indepth coverage type story, but its a start.

    Learn so much more by reading this Blog—get real news faster, cleaner and with direct commentary.

    And its Free—thank You Mr Skinner and Mr Lopez.

  10. Mike Madigan asked for the escort in Springfield, didn’t he?

    How is that partisan?

  11. M, how is this ‘partisan nonsense’

    ……..Madigan himself issued the secret directive!!!

    If Franks is a potential danger in Springfield great enough for a security escort, then how is the danger reduced or eliminated 150 miles north?

    Does Franks have a Jekyll/Hyde personality disorder?

  12. Taxpayers should be concerned
    whether all County tax dollar reimbursements for travel to Springfield were legitimate expenses, for County business.

    Would invesigation of such reimbursements be the County auditor’s responsibility?

    Or is it up to individual taxpayers to perform such investigations through FOIA and Detective work?

  13. One could probably FOIA State Police all the times he was at the Capitol and cross check it with all trips to the capitol Franks received reimbursements for such trips.

  14. I doubt Jack Franks is the boss of Bill Prim::

    1. A sheriff of a county or city is an elected official. He, or she, has no boss other than the people who elected him into office. Once elected, a sheriff appoints deputy sheriffs to assist him with the duties of the office. Deputy sheriffs are political appointees and work at the pleasure of the sheriff.

    2. In Illinois, the sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in each county; however, incorporated municipalities, regardless of their sizes, are responsible for primary law enforcement within their jurisdiction. Therefore, the sheriffs’ offices generally concentrate their police functions on unincorporated areas. In addition, many small municipalities pay the sheriff’s office a portion of their law enforcement funds for the sheriff to act as their primary law enforcement: usually either overnight, which allows the local police department to operate with local officers during the day; or full-time, relieving the village of needing its own police department.

    In addition to providing policing, the sheriff’s office controls the county jail, guards the courthouse, acts as the process server for court documents such as summonses, and oversees evictions, even inside municipalities with their own police forces.

  15. I thought, just maybe by the end of this thread it would have said he hired and escort in Springfield.

    Oh well, might have been cheaper if he had.

  16. There was one State Rep. that got arrested for soliciting prostitution, but it was not Jack Franks.

    And across the street from my very low-end Hotel was a bar with a stairway next door that I saw a senior Rockford State Rep. enter and end up in an apartment with what I was told was his “girl friend.”

  17. The partisan nonsense is proposing it be done here.

    Any time anyone with a “D” after their name does something, this blog and many commenters deem it evil or otherwise bad; but anything that someone with an “R” does is either ok or Obama gets blamed for it for some reason if it is bad.

    Franks was accused of something, but has not been charged with any crime.

    You assume that Franks was a “danger” that required an escort, but I can think of other, less onerous reasons for such action.

    The extremist commenters on this blog hate Franks, that much is obvious.

    I don’t know Rostron, but I’m sure he is no fan of Franks, either.

    Without any criminal or civil suit being filed against him, the extremists have already tried and convicted Franks of awful conduct and are figuratively calling for his head.

    Where is your outrage over Trump’s commuting Blago’s prison term?

    There is none because this is pure partisan nonsense.

  18. And M, here is a Democrat princess::

    Squad’ congresswoman Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, can confirm.

    And now for the first time one of those friends has come forward to reveal exactly how Omar and Ahmed Elmi scandalized the Somali community in Minneapolis.

    Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States, at a time when she was married to her first husband Ahmed Hirsi.

    But hardly anyone realized that meant marrying him.

    Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother and said she would ‘do what she had to do to get him “papers” to keep him in U.S.’, reveals Somali community leader.

  19. M – why do you think Franks is so gungho on getting rid of, and threatening the auditor?

    She has denied a lot of his expenses and Frank’s cannot comprehend the word ‘no’.

  20. M – That is a well thought out logical, well reasoned eloquent post, and of course you are absolutely correct.

    But that is what makes it so damn amusing.

  21. M – When you’re right you’re right. correct-o-mundo, bravo, high five, fist bump, hip hip hooray. Pat yourself on the back, get a gold star.

    My question to you is what took you so long to figure this out?

  22. Really Stephen and M?

    How many times do people go on this blog and attack the R’s on the County Board?

    A lot actually!


    because they don’t stand up to the bullying and intimidation of Jacko!

    Only a handful do!

    Jacko is trying to become a King of McHenry County!

    Put everything underneath him so he has zero accountability is what is best for McHenry County.

    Is that your stance?

    Jacko’s ego is so inflamed it is a wonder he fits into such a small room for the County Board meetings!

    Question him and his thin skin will do robocalls on you!

    The people that have spoken about Jacko and his bullying and intimidation have proven that!

    Principle over in Union, the Auditor, the special meeting, etc.

    If Jacko doesn’t get his way he cries and whines like a child!

    Bringing in someone that knew him to speak on his behalf when she was a freshman in high school was a joke!

    Ask the people that went to school with him and nobody likes him!

    The question is what took so long to figure this out of who he really is?

  23. Fools, you obviously don’t read this very often.

    My response to M was very tongue in cheek and bordered on sarcasm.

    So I guess you do play the fool.

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